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What are you studying in college?
I am studying ______________ at Green River Community College.
Where would you like to work?
I would like to work at ________________.
Please give me an emergency contact and phone number.
In case of emergency, please call ____________________ at
What do you plan to do in the future?
In the future I will _____________________.
What are your job skills?
I know how to ___________,
___________, and ___________.
Can you use a computer?
Yes, I know how to use _________, __________, and _________.
Please give me directions to your home from GRCC.
To find my home you take __________________...
Do you have a hobby?
Yes, I like to _____________.
Do you have family living in the US?
Yes. My __________, ________ and __________ live in the US.
Tell me two good personality traits that you have.
My good personality traits are __________ and _________.
Tell me two bad personality traits that you have.
My bad personality traits are _________ and _________.
Can you come at 2pm on Friday?
No, I am sorry. I am not available Friday. Can I come on Monday instead?
What day and time can you come?
I can come on _____________ at _________.
I am sorry you are sick. What is the problem?
I don't feel well. I have a (the) ____________________.
When and where did you arrive in the US?
I arrive on __________ (date)
in ________ (city and state).