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A method of harvesting trees in which all of the trees are removed from land area; as opposed to Selective Cutting
What is Clear-Cutting?
Clearing trees from an area without replacing them.
What is Deforestation?
The necessary structures, including roads, buildings, bridges, and sewers that a society builds for public use.
What is Infrastructure?
Determining the location of homes, businesses, and protected areas before area is developed.
What is Land-Use Planning?
Solid substance found in nature that consists of a single element or compound.
What is a Mineral?
Minerals that have economic value and are useful to humans in some way.
What are Mineral Sources?
A method of mining in which large holes are dug in the ground to remove material such as ore, sand, gravel and building stones.
What is Open-Pit Mining?
Rock that contains minerals.
What is Ore?
Damage to grassland caused by too many animals eating in a limited area.
What is Overgrazing?
The process of restoring land to the condition it was in before mining operations began.
What is Reclamation?
The process of replacing trees that have died or been cut down.
What is Reforestation?
A method of harvesting only middle age or mature trees individually or small groups.
What is Selective Cutting?
The method of mining in which huge machines clear away Earth's large surfaces as in phosphate mining.
What is Strip Mining?
A low density development that is spread out through cities.
What is Suburban Sprawl?
A condition in which more people live in a city than its infrastructure can support.
What is Urban Crisis?
The movement of people from rural area to cities.
What is Urbanization?
The designated natural area where the land and the ecosystem it supports and protects.
What is the Wilderness?