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"Hot" Cognition
decisions influenced by emotion
Two-system view of decision-making
System 1:

System 2:

Where does emotion fit in?
Advantages of context sensitivity
informed by the past (learning) but not tied to it
easy access to what's relevant now
"tuned" to current situation, goals, and action
Role of feelings
feelings play a key role in context sensitivity:
fast response, precede careful analysis, provides info about current situation

interpret feelings, learn about preferences

feelings help to signal benign vs. problematic situation
Feelings: system I or II?
feelings operate in System I, provide information about where, when, and whether to use system II
Disadvantages to using feelings
we are very sensitive to our feelings
moods, emotions, bodily sensations, cognitive experiences

...and very insensitive to where the feeling comes from
2 basic types of metacognitive feelings
Retrieval - availability

Processing - fluency
how do we use memories to think about the current situation

availability heuristic

alternative interpretation: not about feeling, rather the NUMBER of instances brought to mind

feeling of recall vs. content of recall
(change answers based on how many examples asked to recall)
Processing - fluency
thinking can feel easy or difficult
from perception to reasoning and recall

reasons for difficulty:
never saw it before, complicated, hard to read, hard to see, I'm distracted

ease of processing is pleasant
usually use feeling to inform judgment or evaluation

people may misread difficulty of reading as indicative of the difficulty of doing
Fluency and choice
people make more conservative decisions when choice is difficult
(deferral, status quo preference, pay to delay decisions)

difficulty usually due to choice alternatives, but low fluency has the same effect
Function of Moods
serve an informational and directive function


why do I feel this way? is there something wrong?

weather can determine self-reported moods if you don't draw their attention to it directly
Dual Process Model of Motivated Reasoning
desirable info accepted at face value - System I

undesirable info receives more intense cognitive appraisal - System II