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A term that applies to an organism whose body shape,form,or characteristics change during it's lifecycle...
In humans, hair color is an example of an____?
inherited trait
The process which reduces the number of chromosomes in certain cells is called _____?
An organism in the adult stage of its ____ is able to reproduce.
life cycle
The offspring of some animals are just like the adult, except for size. This is an example of ____?
direct development
During _____, duplicated ____ in the cell's nucleus seperate, and the cell pinches into two cells.
mitosis ---chromosomes
In order for a _____ to be seen , an offspring must receive a factor for the trait from each parent.
recessive trait
In order for a ____ to be seen, an offspring needs to recieve a factor from only one parent.
dominant trait
A ____ carries the DNA code for a particular trait.
Reproduction without the joining of cells from the female parent and the male parent is called ____.
asexual reproduction
Reproduction in which cells from two parents unite to from a zygote is called ____.
sexual reproduction
Genes are structures on chromosomes in a cell's ____.
Neuclius controls a cell's shape and ____?
Genes tell a cell when to begin ____.
In order for a new cell to function just like its parent cell, it must recieve an exact copy of it's parent cell's ____?
Your bones and muscles grow larger as a result of ____
what does NOT happen during mitosis?
A. The chromosomes duplicate
B. A spindle fiber forms
C. The number of chromosomes is halved
D. The nuclear membrane disappears
C. The number of chromosomes is halved
All the traits that parents pass to their offspring are called ___
F. recessive trait H. physical traits
G. dominant traits J. inherited trait
J. inherited traits
If an offspring recieves two genes, one from each parent, for a particular recessive trait , that trait will ____
A. Be seen C. be seen half way
B. Not be seen D.none of the above
A. be seen
Which sequence illustrates incomplete metamorphosis?
F. egg, larva,pulpa,butterfly
G. kitten , cat
H. egg, numph, adult
J.young racoon, adult racoon
H. egg, numph, adult
When meiosis occours, the number of chromosomes____
A. is doubled C. stays the same
B. is halved D. is tripled
B. is halved