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What drugs can be used to treat the ischemic effects of cocaine?
What drugs should be avoided in cocaine induced ischemia?
Beta blockers, they increase CNS toxicity and coronary vasospasm.
What are the characteristics of stable angina
Episodic chest pain
Lasts <30 min
provoked by exertion or stress
relieved by rest or nitroglycerin
Unstable angina is defined as?
1. exertional angina of recent onset
2. angina of worsening character, including an increased nitroglycerin requirement
3. angina at rest
What are the symptoms of Dressler’s syndrome
chest pain
pleural effusion
What is the treatment for Dressler's Syndrome?
T/F CCB are beneficial in the postinfarct phase for patients without heart failure

DONT use in the peri-infarct phase
What are some causes of syncope
aortic stenosis
upper extremity exercise and syncope suggests?
subclavian steal syndrome
syncopal episode after head turning or shaving suggests?
carotid sinus hypersensitivity
Who are people at risk of aortic dissection?
aortic stenosis
bicuspid aortic valve
marfan’s syndrome
coarctation of the aorta
What are signs and symptoms of pericarditis?
A. pain relieved by sitting up and leaning forward
B. presence of a pericardial friction rub
C. ECG with diffuse ST segment elevation
D. ECG with PR segment depression
E. pericardial effusion
How quickly and to what level should the BP be lowered in a patient with a HTN emergency
To a level that is “normal” for that patient within 30-60 min
What is the treatment for an anurysm larger than 5 cm
Surgery; if <4 cm, treat conservatively
What are the different ways to diagnose a DVT?
Duplex ultrasonography
IPG (impedance plethysmography)
contrast venography
A loss of right heart border on X-ray suggests?
RML pneumonia
T/F 3rd trimester pregnancy increases the risk of hospitalization in a pt with asthma
Test of choice for suspect pulmonary embolism
spiral CT
What are the symptoms of pneumococcal pneumonia
A. acute onset, tachycardia, and tachypnea
B. single rigor
C. pleuritic chest pain
D. thick, rusty sputum
E. malaise, flank or back pain, and vomiting
What are the characteristics of Klebsiella
A. most frequently occurs in alcoholics and patients with DM and COPD
B. Empyema and abscess formation are common complications
C. Pleuritic chest pain is a common symptom
D. Sputum is often brown and proteinaceous
E. Admit with IV aminoglycosides and cephalosporins
Who's at increased risk of developing a pneumothorax?
A. smoking
B. Marfan’s syndrome
C. Male sex
D. sarcoidosis