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American Board of Assessment Psychology
American Board of Professional Psychology
Evaluation of accomplishment or the degree of elarning that has taken place, usually in regard to an academic area
Achievement Testing
An evaluative or diagnostic procedure that varies from teh usualy, customary, or standardized way a measurement is derived, either by some special accomodation made to the assessee or by alternative methods designed to measure the same variable
Alternative Assessment
American Psychological Association
An organizationally standardized procedure for evaluation involving multiple assessment techniques
Assessment Center Approach
Monitoring the actions of others or oneself by visual or electronic means while recording quantitative and or qualitative information regarding the actions, typically for diagnostic or related purposes and either to design intervention or to measure the outcome of an intervention
Behavioral observation
Records, transcripts, and other accounts in written, pictorial, or other form in any media that preserve archival information accounts and other data and items relevant to the assessee
Case history data
Computerized scoring, interpretation, or other conversion of raw test data, physically transported from the same or other tests sites
central processing
A type of interpretive report desinged to provide expert and detailed analysis of test data that almost mimics the work of an expert consultant
Consultative Report
A reference point, usually numerical, derived as a result of judgement, used to divide a set of data into two or more classifications, with some action to be taken or some inference to be made on the basis of these calssifications
cut score
a type of interpretive report that features brief, scale-by-scale narrative summaries
descriptive report
A description of conclusion reached on the basis of ecidence and opinion through a process of distinguishing the nature of something and ruling out alternative conclusions
a tool used to make a diagnosis, usually to identify areas of deficit to be targeted for intervention
diagnostic test
a type of scoring report that provides not only a listing of scores but statistical data as well
extended scoring report
a specialty area in psychology that focuses on understanding the role of psychological variables in the onset , course, treatment, and prevention of illness, disease, and diability
health psychology
a typically non-systematic, relatively brief, and "off the record" assessment leading to the formation of an opinion or attitude, conducted by any person in any way for any reason, in an unofficial context and not subject to the same ethics or standard as evalation bya professional
informal evaluation
A form of interpretive report of psychological assessment usually computer generated in whcih data from behavioral, medical, administrative and other other sources are integrated
integrative report
a fromal or official computer generated account of test performance, presented in both numeric and narrative form and including an explnation fo the findings, the three varieties of interpretive report are descriptive, screening and consultive
interpretive report
a tool of assessment in whcih information is gathered through direct, reciprocal communication
On-site, computerized scoring, interpretation, or other conversion of raw test data; contrast with central processing and teleprocessing, 13
local processing