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Define Corporate Liberalism.
growing corporate influence on public policy gave even more control to a small part of the private sector.
According to Tozer, how is meritocracy defined?
a social system where positions of greatest influence and prestige are filled by those who "merit" them by demonstrated talent.
In 1800, what were Jefferson’s 2 main goals of his proposed plan for VA?
1.Equip the population to function effectively in the civic, economy, and private spheres
2.Identify future leaders, a new natural aristocracy
List 5 main features of the common schools in Mass. under Horace Mann in the 1840s.
1.Taught Basic Skills and Moral training
2.Six years for all students and longer school year.
3.Became compulsory
4.Intended to be universal, to mix all classes, but restricted schooling for free African Americans, denied schooling to slaves
5.Was coeducational
6.Women dominated the teaching force
7.Encouraged less corporal punishment for young students, but still imposed strict discipline.
8.Beginnings of state control of local schools
How does Nevi define appropriate tracking?
1. Best matches the learner and the instructional environment
2. Build a good instructional climate in low and middle classes and move students toward high status knowledge.
3. Hold the same expectations for all students, but remediate low level students and upgrade students as they demonstrate achievement.
How does Oaks define class climate?
1. Teacher student relationships
2. Student to student relationships
3. Intensity of student involvement in learning - Time set aside for learning, Character of interactions, Use of motivating approaches
How does Oaks define high status knowledge?
1. A commodity whose distribution is limited
2. Knowledge that maximizes one’s options, especially for higher education
Define the difference between a desegregated school and an integrated school
1. Desegregated means that both black and while students attend the school.
2. Integrated means that the students interact and work together. Every student is involved in any and all activities they want to be.
Is Topeka High School integrated? Why or why not?
1.21% of students are African American
2.most students stay in their own racial groups
3.some students worry about racially balanced rep. in student activities
4.minority students worry about under rep. if majority rules
5.cultural differences cause tensions among students and teachers
6.almost a “two schools” atmosphere
What 3 ways did VA resist orders to desegregate schools?
1.In the 1950s schools for African Americans were severely under funded.
2.Virginia claimed the state had the right to establish separate schools.
3.1956 authorized the closing of any school that was ordered to desegregate
4.The State also created pupil placement laws, which assigned students to schools based on psychological and academic criteria, morals, conduct, health, and personal standards
What is the educational significance of the court cases in 1971 and 1999 regarding the school district in Charlotte
1.1971 Swann v. Charlotte disallows desegregation plans that are race neutral and reinforce segregation due to housing patterns. Remedy is busing
2.1999 Federal judge ruled that the schools had done all that they could to abolish the vestiges of discrimination and ordered an end to race-based busing.
What are 3 key historic barriers to quality higher education programs for women?
1.1900: The middle grades are teaching the “household arts” to girls.
2.1928: 30% of all high school girls are enrolled in domestic science courses
3.In the 19th century, many colleges admitted women, but created separate women colleges within the institution
What are the main issues in educating students with disabilities today?
1.cost – under funding by the federal government
2.testing in “no child left behind”
3.higher % of minority students classified as special education students
4.potential effects on non-disabled students
Describe the rights that special ed. students have under the law today.
A free appropriate education in the least restrictive environment, access to specialized instruction based on comprehensive evaluation, provide individualized education program
What 3 recommendations did Professor Anderson make regarding how to access school quality?
1.student outcomes
2.teacher quality
3.quality curriculum
What is cultural deficit theory used for? explain school failure of poor and minority students in the early 1970s.
2.replaced models of genetic inferiority
What does cultural deficit mean?
1.inferior home and cultural environment
2.the deficit is located in the child’s family and neighborhood
What is the ed. solution if a student is regarded as culturally deficient?
1.compensatory schooling
2.acculturate to mainstream culture
What are the 6 characteristics of a culturally relevant teacher according to Ladson-Billings?
1)hold beliefs that all minority students can learn (high expectations)
2)be a part of the community
3)assist students to make connections between local, national, racial, and global identities
4)stress collaboration and respect
5)recreate knowledge
6)make bridges between personal knowledge that assist their readiness