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Job Analysis
Job description
Personnel specifics
Performance Measures
Job Evaluation
Salary/wages and comparable worth-ellimates sexual discrimination
Criterion Measures\
Direct measures of production and personnel data
Subjective Measures
Leniency/strictness bias
Central tEndency Bias
Halo effect
Eliminate by Rater training
Relative Measures
Paired Comparsion
Forced Distribution-grading the curve
Absolute Measures
Critical Incidents-identifing successful and unsuccessful job performance
Behavioral Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) points are anchored on the scale w/ critical incidents
Behaviral Observed Scales (BOS)
Raters indicate how often employee engages in behavior.
Criterion Contamination
knowledge of predicition perfromance affects how rater rates on criterion.
Employee Performance
Validity does it measure what it was designed tomeasure
Work sample
Content validity most important