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Peer Evaluations predict what two things?
1.Training success
2.Who is most likely to be promoted
Types of Criterion Measures
1.Objective (direct)
-production data, personnel data
2.Subjective (most are this)
RELATIVE (paired comparison, forced-distribution)
-help with rater bias but difficult to use
ABSOLUTE (Critical Incident Techniques, BARS)
3 Types of Rater Bias
1.Leniency (rate everyone high)/Strictness Bias (rate everyone low)
2.Central Tendency Bias (middle of scale)
3.Halo Effect (based globally on only 1 issue of performance, can be positive or negative)
Critical Incidents
-Behavioral anchors
-Particular good/bad behavior that results in good or bad performance
Alleviating Rater Bias
-use something other than Likert scale
-Incorporate critical incidents into scale
-Train the raters (most significant thing to do)
Establishing Criterion-Related Validity
1.Job analysis
2.Select/develop predictor and criterion
3.Obtain and correlate scores on predictor and criterion
4.Check for adverse impact (80% rule)
5.Evaluate incremental validity
6.Cross-validite with a new sample
Frame-of-Reference Training
Everyone does training the same way
-very structured
Two Reasons Minorities Have Adverse Impact
1.Differential Validity (different success rates for people in different groups)
-very rare
2.Unfairness (look only at predictor score and make a decision)
Most valid predictor of job performance across different jobs and job setttings
Cognitive Ability Test
Why is a needs assessment conducted?
To determine training needs and includes person, job and organizational analysis
Career Development - Super
The job that fits the person's self-concept leads to satisfaction and success.
-Distinguishes between 5 life stages in career development
Career Development - Holland
A good personality-job environment match leads to satisfaction, persisitence and productivity.
-Six personality types (RIASEC)
-Best when we are highly differentiated and clearly fit into one category
Career Development - Tiedeman and O'Hara
Career development is part of ego identity development.
Career Development - Krumboltz
The way we learn socially and our interations with others applies to the job area.
Maslow's Need Hierarchy
low correlation with work environment
Alderfer's ERG Theory
Reduced Maslow's needs to three (existence, relatedness and growth)
-need fulfilled is what's motivation
Herzberg's 2-Factor Theory
1.Hygiene (job context)
-cause dissatisfaction when absent
2.Motivator (job content)
-foster satisfaction and motivation when present