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What does biofeedback do?
Decreases sympathetic arousal. Is best for Raynaud's. EMG (muscle) is more effective for tension headaches than migranes (thermal bio).
% improvement by 8th treatment session?
% improvement by end of 6 months of therapy?
What is the Cannon-Bard Theory?
Bodily reactions and emotions occur at the same time. Body reactions are not necessary in order to experience feelings.
What is the James-Lange Theory?
Emotions result from perceiving bodily reactions or responses. "I'm running and my heart is pounding, so I must be afraid."
What is agnosia?
disturbance in object recognition
What is tachycardia?
rapid heart rate
When the spread of scores increases, the variance ____?
What is akathesia?
Side effect of anti-psychotics. Feelings of dysphoria, restlessness, agitation, "jitters," "fidgeting." Sometimes treated with benzos.
Physiologically based drives such as rage and fear reactions are regulated by the ___?
Sensory Memory?
temporary holding place. Visual images (iconic memory) last for 1/2 sec.
Sounds (echoic memory) lasts for 4 seconds.
Gestalt Therapy?
To integrate thoughts, feelings, and actions.
Bipolar II?
One or more MDE.
At least one hypomanic episode.
More common in females.
Postpartum Depression - 10-15%
Postpartum Blues - 50-80%
Postpartum Psychosis - 2% of population
What is apraxia?
disturbance in carrying out motor activities.