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What are the 5 parts that comprise the EPME program?
1. EPME Manual COMDINST M1510.2
2. Preformance Requirements.
3. Knowledge Requirements.
4. EPME End of Course Test.
5. EPME Study Guide.
What are the three delivery types for the EPME's?
1. Web Based.
2. CD-ROM.
3. Paper Based.
What is the Enlisted prefessional military education manual?
What are the Key watch works in the Commandants direction?
What Vital intrest dose the Coast Guard protect against?
Personnal Safty & Security of our people.
Our Natural and economical resorces.
The territorial integrity of our nation.
How many Miles of shoreline dose the united states have?
What are the 5 federal agencies that comprise the Coast Guard today?
1. Revenue Cutter Service.
2. Lighthouse Service.
3. Steamboat inspection service.
4. Bureau of Navigation.
5. National Lifesaving Service.
What year was the Coast Guard Formaly created?
What are the core values of the Coast Guard?
Devotion of duty.
What are some of the reasons that Standards of conduct are not met?
1. Lack of training.
2. Knowledge.
3. Attitude problem.
What resorces will you be called to manage as a senior Petty Officer?
What precent of mishaps are due to unsafe acts of people?
88 precent.
What present of mishaps are due to unsafe Conditions?
10 Precent.
98% of Mishaps are attribted to
Unsafe acts and conditions caused by people.
What are the four levels of terroist threat?
1. High 2.Significant
3. Moderate 4. Low
The material saftey data sheet must contain the fallowing infromation?
1. Maesure to combat accidental release of chemicals.
2. Handaling the storage of hazardous materials.
3. Means of safe disposal of hazardous material.
The hazardous communication tool in the Coast Guard for informing employees of hazardous material in the work place is called?
Right to know station.
The release of photography, vidio, and audio recordings of COast Guard activities must go through the same review and release process as?
1. Other official Information.
2. Freedom of information act.
3. Homeland Security rules and regulations.
4. Coast Guard Message.
Other official Information.