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classify the corneal epithelium
non-keratinized stratified squamous
classify the corneal endothelium
simple squamous
classify the bulbar conjuctival epithelium
non-keratinized stratified squamous
what is an area in the body that is not covered by epithelium?
anterior surface of the iris
the posterior surface of the iris has two epithelial layers, what are they
anterior myoepithelium and posterior pigmented epithelium
how would you classify the anterior myoepithelium of the iris?
simple cuboidal
how would you classifly the posterior pigmented epithelium of the iris?
simple columnar
the posterior pigmented epithelium is directly continuous with _______. (classification doesn't change)
unpigmented ciliary body
the anterior myoepithelium is directly continous with _______. (classification doesn't change)
pigmented ciliary body
classify the anterior lens epithelium
simple cuboidal
what is the inner surface of the eyelid called and what is its epithelial classification?
the palpebral conjuctiva and its non-keratinized stratified squamous
that palpebral conjuctive (in the region of the fornix) is covered by what type of epithelium?
stratified columnar
what are the three places in the body where you can find dense, regular CT
cornea, tendon and ligament
what has a characteristic wavy appearance
elastic laminae
where are reticular fibers commonly demonstrated in?
lymph nodes
The corneal stroma is classified as what type of connective tissue?
dense regular
The iris stroma is classified as what type of connective tissue?
loose CT
the stroma of the ciliary body is classified as what type of connective tissue?
loose CT
CT directly beneath bulbar conjuctival epithelium?
loose CT
CT directly beneath palpebral conjuctival epithelium?
dense irregular