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What tissues are included in Epithelial tissues?
-Surface epithelia
-Solid organs
Where are surface epithelia found?
Surrounding or lining
-All body surfaces
What is included in the wide range of epithelial cell functions?
-Selective diffusion
-Physical protection
What type of intermediate filaments do most epithelial cells contain?
What is the advantage of epithelial cells containing cytokeratin?
Allows them to be identified by immunohistochemistry - useful in classifying malignant tumors.
What binds epithelial cells together?
Cell junctions
What separates Epithelial cells from underlying support tissues?
Basement membranes
What does not penetrate through basement membranes?
Blood vessels
So how do epithelial cells obtain oxygen and metabolites?
By diffusion from adjacent supporting tissues.
What does it mean to say that epithelial cells are polarized?
-Basal surface faces Basement membrane and support tissues
-Apical surface faces outside
What is the apical side of:
-Skin cells
-Intestinal epithelium
-Skin apical side faces the external environment
-Intestinal epithelium apical side faces lumen
What 3 ways are epithelial cells classified?
1. Number of cells
2. Shape of cells
3. Presence of surface specializations
What are the 2 types of epithelium based on cell #?
1. Simple - a single layer
2. Stratified - several layers
What are 3 types of epithelial cells based on shape?
1. Squamous
2. Cuboidal
3. Columnar
What is squamous?
If a tissue contains stratified epithelium with different shapes of component cells, how do you classify it?
According to the outermost layer of cells.
How is the epithelial surface of skin classified?
Stratified squamous keratinising epithelium
What are glands?
Epithelium that is primarily involved in SECRETIOn - so is arranged into these gland tissues.
What are glands?
Invaginations of epithelial surfaces due to its proliferation during devo.
What is the difference between exocrine and endocrine glands?
Exocrine remained attached to the epithelium from which they invaginated; endocrine are detached and release their secretions into the blood.
What is Simple Epithelia?
Surface epithelial consisting of a SINGLE layer of cells.
Where is Simple epithelium found?
At interfaces that require selective diffusion, absorption, and/or secretion.