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What is the current(Engel 2001)ILAE-approved classification scheme?
Axis 1:Ictal Semiology
Axis 2:Seizure Type
Axis 3:Syndromes
Axis 4:Etiology
Axis 5:Impairment
5 Axes
Describe descriptors of Ictal Semiology
System eg. motor, non-motor
Modifiers eg.timing, state, periodicity
Duration eg. brief vs status
Severity eg. benign vs sequella
Prodrome eg. aura
Post ictal phenomenon eg. Lateralizing vs non-lateralizing.
Seizure Descriptors
List motor characteristics.
Elementary: tonic, myoclonic, tonic-clonic, atonic, astatic, asynchronous.
Automatisms: oroalimentary, mimetic, manual/pedal, gestural.
2 Categories
List non-motor characteristics.
Sensory: somatosensory, visual; experiential: affective, mnemonic
Dyscognitive: perception, attention, executive function, emotion, memory
Sensory, Dyscognitive
List autonomic characteristics.
Aura: cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, vasomotor, thermoregulatory.
Seizure: ictal vomiting, pilomotor, sudomotor.
Autonomic features
List somatotopic characteristics.
Laterality: unilateral vs generalized
Body part involved
Centricity: axial vs apical proximal/distal.
Which body parts?
List temporal characteristics.
Incidence, frequency, state dependence, periodicity: catamenial, clusters, provocative factors.
How often, under what circumstances?
Describe the duration.
Status vs brief

What is the severity?
Severe, with sequella such as deterioration of neurological function, developmental delay vs benign.
Describe the prodrome.
Is there a prodrome? character of aura?
Describe post-ictal phenomenon.
Lateralizing: Todd's paralysis, dysphagia, hemisensory, hemianopia, neglect.
Non-lateralizing: Impaired cognition, amnesia, psychosis.