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Illnesses arising from consumption of contaminated or spoiled foodstuffs and liquids.
foodborne illnesses
___ is the result of the ingestion of disease-causing organisms (pathogens) such as bacteria and microscopic plants and animals.
food infection
Illnesses arising out of the result of preformed toxins in foods prior to consumption, often the waste products of bacteria.
food poisoning
The poisoning of foodstuffs by poisonous chemicals from plants and animals.
chemical poisoning
Those activities done by persons who are healthy, but see themselves at greater risk of developing a particular disease, condition, or disorder.
at-risk behaviors
A factor or circumstance that exists which influences behavior by providing a motivation for the health behavior to happen.
predisposing factor
How a set of dissociated events can be studied to see how the events fall together.
web causation
When one is exposed to a source of disease more than once.
multiple exposures
A decision making tool that uses rectangular boxes that represent activities and "yes" and "no" decision points are indicated and arrows show the direction to the next activity or decision point.
decision trees
The ___ has emerged as one of the best measures of health status as it combines both mortality and morbidity.
quality adjusted life year (QALY)
A theoretical foundation of fields of disease prevention, health education, and health promotion and is based on the construct that the convictions one holds about a health phenomenon is true for them, at least the individual will cling to the idea and do the resultant behavior.
health belief model
Health promotion is ___ prevention.
Health protection is ___ prevention.
Early diagnosis and treatment is ___ prevention.
Limiting disabilities is ___ prevention.
Rehabilitation is ___ prevention.
___ is an example of multiple exposures.
smokeless tobacco
The number of steps in an epidemiological investigation?
There are ___ steps in investigating foodborne disease epidemics.