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Define: inborn diseases of metabolism
Certain diseases in which the enzymes are unable to catalyze certain reactions leading to a block in certain metabolic pathways.
an enzyme which is RNA in nature
Holoenzyme = ?
Apoenzyme(protein) + coenzyme
Rate of reaction =
Change in amounts of starting materials or end products / unit time.
What is the function of catalase?
It decomposes peroxides
What are the functions of trypsin and pepsin?
They are the proteolytic enzymes of the digestive tract
What are the 6 classes of enzumes?
1- Oxidoreductases.
2- Transferases.
3- Hyrolases.
4- Lyases.
5- Isomerases.
6- Ligases.
Over The HILL
What do oxidoreductases transfer?
1- An hydrogen ion.
2- Electron.
3- Oxygen.
What's the difference between oxidases and dehydrogenases?
Dehydrogenases use a molecule other than oxygen as an electron acceptor.
What's the difference between oxidases and oxygenases?
Oxygenases directly incorporate the oxygen atom into the substrate
What do peroxidases use as an electron acceptor?
what are the 3 transferases?
1- Aminotransferases.
2- Methyltransferases.
3- Kinases.
What are the classes of enzymes which has anything to do with phosphates?
1- Kinases.(Yjry transfer a phosphate group from an ATP molecule to a substrate).
2- Phosphatases they remove a PO3 from a substrate using water.(hydrolases)
What is the function of racemases?
They interconvert L and D stereoisomers
Whgat is the difference between synthetases and synthases?
Synthetases link two molecules using an ATP-dependent reaction, this isn't true of synthases.