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For most Eastern forests how do you measure site index?
Height, Age, Chart
How is diameter (breast height) of a tree measured?
4½ feet above ground, uphill side
What is the vertical distance the (Merrit Hypsometer) is held from the eye?
Arm’s length or 25 inches
What is the formula to determine the volume of a tree?
V= .16D2H + D where V= volume D= dbh H= # of 8' bolts
Define basal area.
Cross-section of a tree at DBH (diameter breast height)
What is the formula to determine the basal area of a tree?
When using a prism to measure basal area, how should you hold the prism in relation to plot center?
Directly over plot center
How do you tell if a tree is in or out?
If it is completely separate it is out, if it overlaps it is in, if it even touches it is in.
How is basal area determined?
# of countable trees x 10
What are the two equations used to determine volume?
25 + (average # of 16' logs x 50)= B.F./Sq. FT. (ratio)
B.F./Sq. FT. (ratio) x Basal Area per acre= Volume

Where: average # of 16' logs= 20/# of countable trees
and basal area per acre is # of countable trees x 10
Will tolerant or intolerant species appear first?
Can tolerant species exist in shade and consequently reproduce in their own shade?
What is an even-aged stand?
1 stage of growth present or trees within 1/5 rotation age or 10-20 years
What are the number of sides that receive sunlight in trees that are:
a. dominant- b. codominant- c. intermediate-
a- 4 b- 2-3 c- a little
What is a pure stand?
75-80% of the crown canopy is same species