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Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
Certain select US rivers to be preserved in free flowing condition.

Such protection for present/future generations
Toxic Substances Control Act
All new toxic substances are screened before marketed.
Marine Protection, Research & Sanctuaries Act
Prevents/limits dumping hazardous materiels in the ocean.
Hazardous materials Transportation Act
Secretary of Transportation gets more power in managing hazordous wastes.

Some sort of insurance to the nation against risk of getting injured by this waste.
Endangered American Wilderness act
Prohibits commerical anything in congressionally designated areas.
Resource Recovery act
Gives EPA more money to start resource recovery programs
Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp act
Requires waterfoul hunters to have a liscence.
Solid Waste Disposal Act
All the waste we have now must be eliminated/reduced ASAP.

All new waste must be treated/stored and disosed of.
Soil/Water Conservation Act
Created Soil/H20 Conservation program (promotes soil/h20 conservation by preventing erosion).
National Coastal Zone Management Act
Preserve/protect/develop where possible restore/enhance resources of U.S. coastal zones
FEd Land Policy and Management Act
Bureau of Land Mgmt gets authority to manage public lands under its control.
Coastal Barrier Resources Act
Coastal Barrier lands ineligible for fed. finaincial assitance. (exception is research).

Natioanl wildlife refuges are excluded from this system
Resource Conservation and Recovery act
Establishes a system for managing hazardous/non hazardous wastes in an environmental sound manner.

Provides for managment of hazardous wastes from origin to disposal.

Federal programs estb. to regulate solid/hazardous waste management.

EPA sets standards for these facilities.

Estb. a permit program for these facilities
Comprehensive Environmental Response, compensation and liability act
16.3 Bil superfund estb/financed by federal/state gov and tax on cheem/petrochem industries.

Liability provided for those responsible for illegal waste dumping.

Trust fund to clean up sites where responsible parties can't be found/determined.
Multiple use sustained yield act
Forest service gives equal consideratoin to all activities
Migratory Bird treaty act
Protection for migratory birds. Unlawful to mess with any migratory bird.

Feathers/nests/products made from these birds are illegal.
Natural Wildlife Refuge Systems Act
National Wildlife Refugee System gets 500 parcels of land to protect
Antarctice Conservation Act
Unlawful to take native animals/birds (permit needed)

Can't enter certain areas, introduce species, introduce substances, discharge pollutants, import certain Antarctic items into the US.
Lacey Act
Bans transporting live/dead wild animals or their parts across state boundries w/o a permit.
Whale Conservation/Protection Act
Sec. of Commerce to undertake studies of all whales found in US water.
Marine Plastic Pollution Research and control act
No dumping plastics in US H20

Marines must maintain facilities for disposal of refuge.
National Environmnental Policy Act
Feds gotta look at the enviro costs of their fed programs before the run those fed programs.
Alaskan National Interest Lands Conservation Act
Acess rights to non-federal owned land.

Must preserve any pretty landscape.

Provides maintence of habitat, wildlife species.
Endangered Species act
Illegal for Americans to trade/import products made from end. species

Exception - approved scientific research to promote species' survival.

Marine Fisheries service identifies endangered, threatened ocean species.

US fish//wildlife service identifies all other end., threatened species.
Fed. Aid in Wildlife Restoration act
Federal tax on all guns/ammo sales.
Fish and Wildlife Improvement Act
Sec. of Int/Comm. create/conduct training programs for State Fish & wildlife law enforcement personel.

Authorizes funding for methods to support fish, wildlife law enforcement
Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act
Requires reclamation standards, performance bonds, mandatory restoratoin of cold lands abandoned before 8/3/77

Fees on all active mining operations.
National Forest managment act
Allows clear cutting if Forest Service deems necessary

For. Service determines age limit to cut trees.
National trails system act
Protect scenic & historic hiking trails of national trails systems.
Forest & Rangeland renewable resources act
Federal agencies develop resource mgmt plans on lands affecting their actions
Food Security Act
Helps farmers survive.
Fur Seal Act
Protects fur seals/authors.

Exceptions - Indeans, scientists, eskimos.

Sec. of interior conducts research on fur seal resources
Migratory Bird Conservation Act
Estb. Commision to approve areas used in migration.

Sec. of Interior to approve such areas for aquisition.
Marine Mammal Protection act
Maintain/restore marine mammals to healthy population levels.
Species conservation act
Only native animals can be end

Provides limited means to protect above.

Preserves habitat of above.

Athorizes land acquisition for protection of above.
International EPA
President assists countries to protect/maintain wildlife habitat

Agency for Int. Development to use World Conservatoin Strategy as guide for biological diversity conservation.

Funds denied for things bad to the environment.
Forest Reserves Management Act
Application of forestry practices to gov owned forests in US
Andramous Fish Conservation Act
Sec of Int/Comm can partner to protect andromous fish

Includes GReat lakes

Contributes up to 50% of cost for such activities.
Fish Conservation/Management Act
200mi fishery conservation zone.

Regional Fishery Mgmt Council estb.
Fish and Wildlife conservation act
Minstery of Natural resources to provide advice for long term fish/wildlife preservation.
Fed Insecticide, Fungicide, Rodenticide Control Act
All commercial pesticides to be approved by EPA prior to use.
Nuclear Waste Policy Act
Disposal of spent nuclear fuel in sound underground place.

DOE has an office which looks for this place.

Program's civilian costs funded by tax on nuclear power