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the remains of ancient organisms that changed into coal, oil, or natural gas.
fossil fuels
a machine that converts mechanical energy, or motion, into electrical energy.
electical generator
a wheel that changes the force of a moving gas or a liquid into energy that can do work.
oil that is pumped from the ground
what is another name for petroleum?
crude oil
anything that is made from crude oil, such as fuels, chemicals, and plastics
petroleum product
oil deposits that can be extracted profitably at current prices using current technology
oil reserves
the energy within the nucleus of an atom
nuclear energy
the nuclei of uranium atoms are bombarded with atomic particles called...
these collisions cause the nuclei to split in a process called...
nuclear fission
this occurs when lightweight atomic nuclei combine to form a heavier nucleus and release tremendous amounts of energy
nuclear fusion.
which of the following statements provides a reason for the widespread use of fossil fuels?
fossil fuels are readily available and inexpensive.
which of the following pairs are design features that nuclear power plants and coalfired power plants share?
turbines and generators.
the main reason for the worldwide slowdown in the construction of nuclear power plants is that
the electricity from nuclear power is generally more expensive to produce than electricity from other sources
which is an example of the direct use of fossil fuels?
an oil-fired furnace
which of the following statements describes the process by which modern nuclear power plants use nuclear energy?
power plants use nuclear fission to split uranium atoms and release nuclear energy.
if fossil fuels are still forming today, why are they considered nonrenewable resoures?
we are depleting fossil fuels much faster than they form.
which of the following is not a concern about nuclear energy?
the high levels of air pollution produced