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Which ecosystem has a better chance of surviving when environmental conditions change over a long period of time?
one with a great deal of genetic diversity
Which factor is often responsible for the other three?
increases in human population
By causing atmospheric changes through activities such as polluting and careless harvesting, humans have..?
caused a destruction in habitats
The dense needles of Douglas fir trees can prevent most light from reaching the forest floor. This situation would have the most immediate effect on what?
Which statement illustrates a biotic resource interacting with an abiotic resource?
a plants absorbs light which is used in photosynthesis
Which human activity would have the most direct impact on the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle?
destroying large forest areas
A biome is described by what?
broadly similar envivronmental conditions
Grassland conditions make tree growth ?
possible in corridors mainly among streams
Tundra biomes occur
at high altitudes and longitudes where the growing season is short
There are some mosses, lichens, small shrubs, sedges, and grasses. However, you are annoyed because your shoes are wet and it looks like the soil all around you is waterlogged. Which biome are you in?
Boreal forests are generally
cool and moist with many streams and wetlands
Condensation from fog on the leaves is a major form of precipitation. Where are you?
temperate forest
Freshwater ecosystems are like dryland ecosystems except that?
their surrounding median is not air
Estuaries are noted by biologists because they have what?
unusual biological diversity and abundance.
Wetlands are biomes that?
are wet atleast part of the year
Which of the following is an intraspecific interaction?
Which of the following is an abiotic population control?
water shortages
Weather is a term for atmospheric moisture and temperature on a ________ basis.
short term
Aerosols are
tiny partcles and droplest suspended in the air
The two main gases making up the lower atmosphere are
nitrogen and oxygen
The atmospheric zone where most weather events occur is the
The "ozone hole" that causes concern among scientists and the public is an ozone depletion in the
Albedo is a term describing the Earth's
reflection of solar radiation
Eventually all the energy that reaches the Earth's surfaces is
reflected or radiated back to space.
Much of the ultraviolet light from the sun is absorbed by _______ as it passes through the atmosphere.
As far as we are currently aware, who were the first people to notice the El Niño Southern Oscillation cycle?
What are the ecological implications of global warming?
Plants and animals that are residing in fragmented habitats may not be able to move to a suitable habitat.
The greenhouse effect in the atmosphere occurs because
CO2, water vapor, methanol, and other gases absorb infrared radiation.
Human-produced pollutants are different from natural particulates and gases because they are
often produced in very high quantities and concentrations.
Primary pollutants are those that are
released directly in dangerous forms
Fugitive emissions are produced by
strip mining, rock crushing, and other dust-producing activities.
Criteria pollutants are those that
contribute the most to air quality degradation.
The term NOx is often used because
NOx and NO easily convert into each other
The brown haze in smog is caused by
A major source of VOCs is
incomplete burning of hydrocarbons.
Photochemical oxidation reactions are driven by
solar enery
A temperature inversion occurs when
stable warm air overlays cold air.