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passive solar heating
a system of putting the sun's energy to use without requiring mechanical devices to distribute the heat
active solar heating
a system of putting the sun's energy to use in which a series of collectors absorb the solar energy and pumps or fans distribute the collected heat
solar thermal electric generation
a means of producing electricity in which the sun's energy is concentrated by mirrors or lenses onto a fluid-filled pipe; the heated fluid is used to generate electricity
Photovoltaic solar cell
a wafe or thin filmm of solid state materials, such as silicon or gallium arsenide, that are treated with certain metals so that they generate electricity when solar energy is absorbed
fuel cell
a device that directly converts chemical energy into electricity without the intermediate step of needing to produce steam and use a turbine and generator; the fuel cell requires hydrogen and oxygen from the air
plant and animal material used as fuel
wind energy
electic energy obtained from surface air currents caused by the solar warming of air
a form of renewable energy that relies on flowing or falling water to generate electricity
tidal energy
a form of renewable energy that relies on the ebb and flow of the tides to generate electricity
geothermal energy
the use of energy from earth's interior or either space heating or generation of electricity
energy conservation
using less energy
energy efficiency
using less energy to accomplish a given task
an energy technology that involves recycling waste heat