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What fan is used to cool the cockpit displays?
Ground: Display Fan #2
In-Flight: Display Fan #1
What is the purpose of the APU LCV?
It modulates to allow APU priority be given to the electrical system.
What does the L ENG START status msg mean?
The left engine air turbine starter valve is open
What happens with a pack overtemp or overpressure in-flight?
1. Associated 10th stage valve will close
2. Associated pack valve will close
3. Isolation valve will close.
When in manual pressurization where is the information displayed?
1. Primary Page
2. Status Page
3. ECS Synoptic Page
On the ground how can pneumatic air to operate the ECS be obtained?
1. Ground power air cart
2. APU
3. Either or both engines
What does 10th stage (low pressure) bleed air supply?
Supplies bleed air for:
1. Air Conditioning
2. Pressurization
3. Avionics Cooling
4. Air for the engine ATS
What does 14th stage (high pressure) bleed air supply?
1. Engine Cowl Anti-Ice
2. Wing Anti-Ice
3. Thrust Reversers
What is the maximum altitude APU bleed air may be used?
15,000 ft
During a pack overpressure or overtemp will the packs shutdown automatically?
How many outflow valves are there and what type are they?
1. Primary
2. Secondary
Both are electro-pneumatic
What happens when you press the PRESS CONT switchlight?
Press it once - manual
Press it twice - switches CPAM's
How do you reset the automatic press controllers?
Either land once or press the PRESS CONT switchlight twice.
What position do the 10th stage valves fail to?
Fail - Closed

*Note: It takes air and electricity to open and/or close
What does the CPAM do?
Automatically deployes the pax 02 at 14,000 +/- 500. Also turn on SEAT BELT sign and NO SMOKING sign at 10,000 if in auto mode.
What is the minmum recomended pressure for engine starting with APU? By Xbleed?
APU - 45psi
Xbleed - 60psi
What happens when the EMER DEPR switchlight is pressed?
Both outflow valves open
What does an amber FAULT light on the PRESS CONT switchlight mean?
Both pressure controllers have failed
What does CPAM stand for?
Cabin Pressurization Acquistion Module
When will you get a Cabin Altitude Caution? Warning?
Caution: 8,500
Warning: 10,000 - will also get aurual warning
What is the 7th stage bleed air used for?
Pressurization of the oil seals
What typeof leack detection is provided for the 10th and 14th stage bleed air ducts?
10th - dual loop overheat detection
14th - single loop overheat detection
During take-off and landing with the cowl and anti-ice selected, what position must the 10th stage valves be in?
RAM AIR is used when?
In the event of a faiure of both the packs
What valves must be open for the APU to provide bleed air to the right pack?
2. ISOL valve
What altitude does the CPAM automatically pressurize the aircraft to?
150 ft below field elevation at 85% N1
At what rate does the cabin climb and descend at?
Climbs: 500fpm
Descends: 300fpm
When do you use the MAN PRESS CONT?
Only when the QRH tells you to do so?

*NOTE: Will be used in the event of a auto system failure
In flight what supplies cooling air to the pack heat exchangers?
RAM air