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Enteric nervous system
part of parasympathetic Nv sys (by vagus nv. )
and independent
Sort reflexes
Ent. nv sys. reacting independently
movements and secretions
digestive tract
local (short area)
Long reflexes
when ent. nv sys interacts with parasymp.
Diff. regions of gut (like gostorcolic ore ileogastric)
Vagus Nerve
connects parasymp. to enteric nv sys
Submucosal plexus
in submucosa
Secretions (mostly)
Myenteric plexus
between circular and longitudinal musc. layers
mostly muscle movement controll
gastrocolic reflex
causes BM about 1/2 hr after food in stomach
ileogastric reflex
decreases gastric activity when food in ileum
increase absorption
types of mass movements in gut wall
mixing waves of stomach
mass movements of colon