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Diagnosis of Entamioba Histolytica?
count of RBC in cytoplasm
Tropozoites measure - 30um
How does Entamoeba Histolytica transmitted
from person to person via ora-fecal route
Entamoeba histolytica is the leading cause of what symptom
diarrheal disease
E.histolytica live as ___1 in the host and as ____2 in the outside enviroment.
1. trophozoite
2.resistant cyst
Is the trophozoites of E.histolitica anaerobe or aerobe?
A falculative anaerobe.
Describe The feature of the Tropozoites?
centrally located nuclei, cytoplasm contain single nucleus, karyosome, mitochronion called crypton or mitosome present.
the Cyst of E.histolytical contain how many nuclei
4 nuclei. Quadranucleate cyst
Drug treatment of E. Histolytica
What are the diseases cause by E.histolytica?
interstinal amoebiasis: bloody diarrhea
Hepatic Amoebiasis/ Lung