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What is Apthous Stomatitis?
Canker sore
Etiology unknown
What does Apthous Stomatitis look like?
1-3 (small) 3-10mm ulcers on the inside of the lips or mouth.
Very painful
Lasts 1-2 weeks
No associated fever or lymphadenopathy.
Tx for Apthous Stomatitis?
Bland diet, avoid salt & acid containing foods. May use topical antacid or topical dental corticosteroid.
What is Herpetic Gingivostomatits?
Herpes Simplex Virus I
How is Herpetic Gingivostomatits aquired?
Oral secretions from age 1-5 yrs.
p acute infection virus is dormant, comes back 20% of pts.
S/Sx of Herpetic Gingivostomatits?
Sudden high fever, malaise, excessive drooling & refusal to eat or drink.
Tx for Herpetic Gingivostomatits?
Hydrate, Frequent sm amts of cold liquid.
Bland diet
Tylenol for fever & pain
Watch for dehydration, requires hosp. admit. (not common)
Close F/U
What causes Oral Candidiasis (thrush)?
Recent ABX or immunosuppressive drug.
Orally inhaled steroids.
Hx of HIV/AIDS, CA, etc...(adults do not get unless they have a immune disorder)
S/Sx of Oral Candidiasis (Thrush)?
White, curdy exudate on buccal mucosa, lips, palate, gums and/or tongue.
Pain during feeding or w/swallowing.
Poor appetite
Associated diaper rash (appears as a moist, beefy red rash w/sharp boarders & satellite papules or pustules.
May be asymptomatic
Tx for Oral Candidiasis (Thrush)?
Nystatin (Mycostatin) oral suspension, 1ml to each side of mouth qid pp & p cleaning mouth. (med should be on mouth for as long as possible)
What is Coxsackie Virus?
Most prevalent in children 1-7yrs. In summer or autumn.
Transmission-fecal-oral or airborne.
What 2 groups is the Coxsackie Virus divided into?
Coxsackie A-found in oropharynx (hand foot & mouth dz) vesicular lesions.
Coxsackie B-associated w/pneumonia, bronchitis, upper respiratory & influenza like illnesses.
What does Coxsackie A virus most commonly manifest itself as?
Herpangina-looks like herpes.

Hand, foot & mouth dz.
What is herpangina?
Acute infectious dz, caused by numerous group A coxsackieviruses (occasionally other enteroriruses) Is characterized by vesiculoulcerative mucosal lesions.
S/Sx of herpangina?
Occur in epidemics, Usually in peds, sudden onset of fever w/sore throat, H/A, Anorexia, Neck, Abdomen, & Extremity pain, (in infants) vomiting & convulsions.
Describe lesion of Herpangina;
Numerous vesicles, 1-2mm.
Rupture quickly leaving shallow, painful ulcers.
Lesions involve the soft palate, uvula, tonsils, pillars, & the posterior pharyngeal wall. (lasts 7-10 days)
D/Dx for Herpangina?
Most important is Strep & gonococcal pharyngitis
(others have the same tx)
What is Hand-Foot-&-Mouth Dz?
(young peds) Acute infectious febrile dz.
cause-coxsackievirus A16
Characterized by vesicular exanthem of skin and mucosa.
S/Sx of Hand-Foot-&-Mouth Dz?
Low fever (short duration)
Abd pain
Mild diarrhea
How is Hand-Foot-&-Mouth Dz different from herpangina?
Course is similar but a vesicular exanthem is distributed over the buccal mucosa & palate, hands, feet & occasionally the diaper area.
Incubation period of Hand-Foot-&-Mouth Dz?
3-5 days
Describe the lesions of Hand-Foot-&-Mouth Dz;
Dispersed vesicles, 5-10 in #, 2-6mm surrounded by a red halo.
Rupture quickly, leaving painful ulcers.
Present 5-8 days
PE for Hand-Foot-&-Mouth Dz;
lateral & dorsal surfaces of the fingers & toes usually.
Painful lesions sometimes on palms, soles & buttocks.
Mouth lesions on tongue, buccal & labial mucosa, gingiva & soft palate.
D/Dx for Hand-Foot-&-Mouth Dz;
All are viral stomatitis all have the same tx.
Tx for Hand-Foot-&-Mouth Dz & Herpangina;
Both are self limiting
Symptomatic tx
Very contagious
What is Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis (trench mouth or ANUG)?
Noncontagious infection (fusiform bacillus & spirochete)
Destroys the interdental papillae & dome times the marginal & attached gingiva.
Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis (trench mouth or ANUG): Etiology
Poor oral hygiene, Px or emotional stress, Nutritional deficiencies, Blood dyscrasias, Debilitating dz, Insufficent rest, Rarely occurs in nonsmokers.
Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis (trench mouth or ANUG): S/Sx
Abrupt onset, Malaise, Painful bleeding gingivae, Aalivation, Halitosis, Swallowing & talking may be painful, Regional lymphadenopathy.
Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis (trench mouth or ANUG): PE
Ulcerations limited to the marginal gingiva & interdental papillae (gums between teeth), has punched-out appearance. Covered w/grayish membrane & bleed w/pressure or irritation. (rarely lesions on buccal m & tonsils)
Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis (trench mouth or ANUG): Dx
Punched-out appearance of interdental papillae, grayish interdental membrane, spontaneous bleeding, odor & pain are pathognomic.
Many, Many fusospirochetal forms in stained smears.