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What is "Adario"?
A fictional dialouge between Lahontan and Adario (Huron) which praises Europe.
What did the terms "Barbarian" and "Savage" mean to people living during the Enlightenment?
Barbarian - one who didn't speak Greek; Savage - based on habitat.
The rejection of what was important to Enlightenment thought?
Original Sin
What is Deism
Pursuit of worldly happiness before religious salvation
How did people explain the lack of large mammals in North America?
What anthropological concepts are missing from Enlightenement works?
1) ability to test accuracy of the accounts travelers provided;

2) Well-rounded ethnographic accounts of people.
When did the word "Ethnography" first appear?
What is a key Enlightenment idea?
Idea of progress
Did the concept of 'culture' exist to Enlightenment thinkers?
Human nature to people in the Enlightenment was viewed to be either ___ or ___.
Essentially good or flawed and corrupt.
What is "Degeneration"?
Decay of nature/society
eg: rise and fall of Roman Empire
What were fossils understood to be?
Extinct animals.
What was 'civilization' to Enlightenment people?
attainment of moral and social superiority.
What is the Encyclopedie?
A compilement of texts from a variety of authors from different countries.
What limited yet important attempt allowed writers to think about others?
The attempt to write a universal history.