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Morose (adj)
gloomy personality, sad
Resign (v)
accept a negative fate,
give-up on something
brasque (adj)
abrupt in Manner, tough, blunt

eg) e said brusquely, "give me that mouse!"
pantomine (n)
The art of emotion, gesture without words or speech

eg)Lennie made an elaborate Pantomine of Innocence
imperious (adj)
dictatorial, over barren,
dejected (adj)
depress in spirit

eg) he sat and hug hishead dejectedly
anguished (adj)
suffering, pain, acute distress

eg) he looked at Lennie's anguished face
molify (v)
soften a feeling or temper
pugnacious (adj)
aggresive, ready to fight
gingerly (adv)
carefuly, causiously
derogatory (adj)
degrade, lesson someone's reputation.
apprehensive (adj)
unease or fearful about something might happen
recombent (adj)
lying down or resting upon
debris (n)
useless leftover
displacement (n)
moved from place
scourge (n)
punishment or torture or discomfort
disparage (v)
autonomy (n)
omniscent (adj)
all know, extremly wise
accumulate (v)
to gather or to collect
maul (v)
to destroy
aloof (adj)
held in seclusion
meager (adj)
a little amont, scarce
thwart (v)
prevent from accomplishing something
elicit (v)
draw out, bring out
illicit (adj)
not ilegal
filial (adj)
relation of child to parent

eg) Filial responsibility
Paradox (n)
a statement that's self conradicting but true (n)
contemptuous (adj)
showing or expressing disdain, scornful, disparage.
Jeer (v)
mock, make fun of
Tacit (adj)
obsequious (adj)
willing to serve