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varied, different, unlike adj
diverse adj
to strip of clothing or ornament; to take away someones right or possesions v.
divest v.
tastefull, beautiful, refined in manner taste or style, luxurious adj
elegant adj
fit to be eaten adj/n.
edible adj./n.
to pass or slip away (use of time) v./n.
elapse verb/noun
very odd in behavior or dress adj./n.
eccentric adj./noun
fit or worthy to be chosen; quallified; sutible; desired adj./n.
eligible adj./noun
high in rank or representation;distingused; outstanding adj.
eminent adj.
to intrude gradually upon property or rights of another; to trespass verb
encroach verb
a very wicked crime:immensety noun
enormity noun
to come next;to happen as a consequence v.
ensue verb
to escape of avoid soemthing v.
evade verb
extreme, going beyond reasonable or usual limits; to much adj.
excessive adj
to cry out; to say or speak suddnely with fear or emotion v.
exclaim verb
far reaching of vast space wide space adj
extensive adj.
to make more convienient or easier; to aid verb
faciliate verb
a death; the capibility of causing death n.
fatality noun
tiredness; weakness in metal due to stress; to exahust; to weaken n./v./adj.
fatigue noun/ verb/ adj.
capable of being accomplished or carried out; passible adj.
feasible adj.
iamginary; made up adj.
fictitious adj.