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any system of thought or action devoted to human interests rather than to religious ideals or to the animal world
a short descriptive and narrative piece, usually a poem, about pituresque country life, an didealized sotry of a happy innocence
language referring to something that can be perseived through one of more of the senses
the making of "pictures in words", the pictorial quality of a literary work achieved through a collection of images
a group of early 20th century English and American poets who, in revolting against the excesses of romanticism, sought to restore the precise use of visual images to poetry
implied author
not the author directly, but a persona created by the author to present a literary work to the reader, an assumed voice through which the author speaks
the theory and practice of emphasizing the subject impression a writer or character has of reality, rather than attempting to re-creat reality objectively
an even or episode in a work of fiction that moves the plot forward or reveals character
the quality of being incongruous; being inharmonious or incompatible or inconsistant, lacking agreement or suitability
indirect satire
a type of satire in which the author does not address the reader directly