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lost generation
a phrase used by Gertrude Stein to describe the generation that came to matuity in the 1920's; especially the American expatriate writers
a usually short, personal poem expressing the poet's emotions and thoughts rather than telling a story
the comic situation of one word for another similar in sound but quite different in meaning
a type of drama that pits unbelievably good characters against a despicably evil character. The plot moves in a thrilling downward spiral of dire events and near disasters that is halted by the most imporbable of happy accedents and ends with good rewarded and evil punished
Menippean satire
a form of indirect satire that ridicules such things as pretntious erudition, bigotry, and overweening professionalism
figure of speech that subsitutes the name of a related object, person, or idea at hand
the Greek word for imitation; term used in literary criticism to refer to Aristotle's theroy of imitation
"less is more" approach to writing fiction that emphasizes the essential through a radical economy of form and expression
term applied to a certain group of tendencies in literature including breaking away frm established rules and traditional calues, experimenting radically in form and style, and focusingon the sudjective, often alienated, conciousness of the individual
a recurring image, word, phrase, action, idea object, or situation that appears in various works or throughout the same work