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Carpe dien
literally “seize the day,” is a literary theme that urges living in the present moment, especially pleasurable pursuits
a type of poem that depicts rustic life in idyllic, idealized terms
Metaphorical poetry
is a term applied to writing that is highly intellectual and philosophical, that makes extensive use of ingenious conceits(imaginative images) and that usually combines intense emotion with mental ingenuity.
Elements of Romance
- a near-perfect hero
- an evil enemy
- a quest
- a test of the hero
- supernatural elements
- good vs. evil
- female figures who are usually maidens mothers or crones
Frame Story
An introductory narrative within which one or more of the characters proceed to tell a story
Using a language of dialect nature to a region or country rather than a literary culture or foreign language. Language of the common people
a story in which the characters, settings, and events stand for abstract or moral concepts
An anecdote or example inserted into a sermon to teach a moral lesson
a metaphorical phrase or compound word used to name a place, thing, or event indirectly.
A long narrative poem that relates the great deeds of a larger-than life hero who embodies the values of a particular society
When someone mourns the death of someone, or laments something that was lost.
Literary Present
use when writing about literature, film, or art
Medieval Humors
blood, yellow bile, phlegm, and black bile
Characteristics of Ballads
supernatural events, sensational, sordid, refrain, omission of details
Essay # 2:
Be prepared to discuss Darkness as a motif as it is used in the first three acts of the play. What does it symbolize
Darkness occurs in the play Macbeth multiple times in the first three acts. Darkness symbolizes evil and all the bad things Macbeth does. Evil comes in the darkness, and that dark light is used to hide Macbeth and his wife’s evil thoughts. For example, when Macbeth and Banquo see the witches, it is dark at night. This is when Macbeth is told that he will be named Thane of Cawdor and then king. After being told this, he thinks that he needs to take charge and do things in order to become king. Also, Macbeth asks not to see the light and only wants to see the dark when plotting the murder of Duncan and his son. In addition to Macbeth being evil, Lady Macbeth also becomes evil in order to gain power. After Macbeth and Lady Macbeth plan to kill Duncan and Malcolm, Lady Macbeth asks to take away all the light, or kind qualities of her, and replace those feelings with evil so that she can kill Duncan. She asks to not see the light of heaven and to be covered with a blanket of darkness. Before Duncan’s murder, Banquo and his son Flaeance were outside of Macbeth’s castle. Banquo mentioned how it was a dark night and not even the stars or the moon glistened. The darkness of the sky foreshadows the evil plan that will be carried out later that evening. In the first three acts of Macbeth darkness is used as a way to block out all the evil occurrences that are done by Macbeth and his wife. Darkness is mentioned almost every time Macbeth or Lady Macbeth mention the killing or the king, or think about the evil crime they plot. By using darkness and asking to become dark, the characters are trying to block out the light, or the consequences and realities of the horrible crime that they committed.
Two contributions of the Romans to ancient Britian
concept of roads and taxation
Two factors that combined to unify Anglo-Saxon England
Alfred the Great and Christianity
Why is 1066 considered the end of the Anglo-Saxon era?
it was when the Normans led by William the conquerer invaded and took over
What important role did monasteries play in the Anglo-Saxon era?
monasteries were places of learning
Why was fame a hero's only consolation against death?
Since they believed in no after life, the only way a hero could "live on" was if they were mentioned in stories
Why did Herot remain empty for 12 years?
Hrothgar's people were afraid to go there since Grendel was killing all those who resided in the hall
Why didn't Grendel touch Hrothgar's throne?
He thought that it was protected by God
Name three battles endured by Beowulf
against Grendel, Grendel's mom, and the dragon
In what ways does Herot contrast with the place where Grendel lives?
Herot is fun and happy. Everyone would come to sing, talk, and party. This was considered "light." Where Grendel lived was dark, and gloomy
How do the speaker's beliefs about the modern world contribute to the poem's elegiac tone?
The speaker says how he misses how things were in the past and how he hates the belifs of the modern world. The speaker is mouring the "death" of how things used to be, and lamenting to loss of the better days he once had.
For what is the speaker searching?
a home
What document became the basis for English constitutional law?
the Magna Carta in 1215 by King John
What was the most important contribution of the Normans to Britain?
Why is it said that Chaucer made the English language respectable?
Chaucer was the first person to write in English. Before Chaucer, every thing was written in either Latin or French
Choose one of the pilgrams from the Prologue of The Canterbury Tales. Give a complete description of the pilgrim. Include the character's role in society, physical description, including the character's attire, and aspects of the pilgrim's personality. Make reference to Chaucer's use of direct characterization and indirect charactertization.
The knight:
physical description and attire- The knight was very modest and humble. He wore a tunic that he had worn in battles that had blood on it. He also had fine horses.
Role in society- The knight was part of the feudal system, therefore making him nobality. He fought in 15 battles in many places.
Personality- Since he was a knight, he had to follow the rules of chivalry. Therefore, the knight was generous, kind, respectful, brave, courageous, and modest.
Chaucer uses direct characterization when describing the knight. The author tells us everything the reader needs to know about the knight: his personality, role in society, physical description, and attire. Chaucer does not make the reader make inferences about the knight since he describes the knight in such good detail.
What is the knight's quest in the Wife of Bath's story?
to find out what women want
Describe the symbolic use of the color green in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
The color green is found in the Green Knight, the green chapel, and the sash. The color green symbolizes new life and renewal. For example, the Knight's head was cut off, but he still managed to live by putting it back on. Also, the sash grants Gawain a new life and beginning.
impossible commands, no such thing as a pretty and faithful women, by the time you write the letter, teh woman will have already betrayed you
"A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning"
when the husband leaves, he tells his wife that there should be no mourning; they have a spiritual love
“The Passionate Shepherd to His Love”
The shepherd is convincing his love to run off with him. They would watch shepherd's feed their flocks and he would make her a bed out of roses, a gown of the best wool, gold buckles, a belt of straw and ivy buds. He said everyone would be dancing and always happy.
“The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd”
The nymph is realistic and says that the shepherd is not telling the truth. She says the love is unrealistic because the roses are only temporary and will die, you cannot make a belt of straw and ivy and have gold buckles, and everyone is not always happy.
Five characteristics of ballads
-supernatural events
-omission of details
Five characteristics of ballads
-supernatural events
-omission of details