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Favorite food
-Pizza or Pasta
-Wiener Schnitzl
-Fruit or Vegetables
Best vacation
-Beach and Sun
-Snow and Skiing
-History and Tours
-Spa and Relaxation
Animal lover
-All Animals
-None of the above
Favorite hobby or activity
-Time with Family
Daily news source
-Kleine Zeitung
-Internet News
New Year's Resolution
-Make More Money
-Go to School/ Earn a Degree
-Lose Weight/Exercise
-Win the Lottery!
Austria is best for its...
-Beauty (lakes, mountains)
Favorite holiday
-Carnival (Fasching)
-Independance Day
Favorite sporting event
-Ice Hockey
Famous American Actor/Actress
-Brad Pitt
-Julia Roberts
-Jack Nicholson
-Diane Keaton