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An opponent; an enemy
The only adversary I face in the Spelling Bee, is my own ignorance towards latin words.
(1)Attended by favorable circumstances; propituous. (2)Successful; Prosperous.
The auspicious man won the juries vote because he was very outgoing, not because he was truly innocent.
Headful of circumstances and potential consequences; prudent.
(1)Intended to instruct. (2)Morally instructive. (3)Inclined to teach or moralize ecessively.
The didactic man led his company like a dictatorship, it almost seemed like he was born to be a leader, not only did he control them well.
To avoid; shun
He wanted to eschew the impending awkward talk he must have with his mom about sex.
A large three-mastered sailing ship with a square rig and usually two or more decks, used from the 15th to the 17th century especially by Spain as a merchant ship or warship.
While we were sailboating, we passed a massive ship, which reminded Kyle of the Spanish Galleons which were used in the 15th century.
Lacking money; penniless
After the tycoon went out of business, he became an impecunious man, being unable to afford anything more than a loaf of bread a day.
JADED: (v)
To wear out, as by overuse or overindulgence; To become weary or spiritless.
After the first 3 weeks of war, even the Elite soldiers became jaded, and lost hope of an early ending.
(1)Depending on alms for a living; practicing begging.
(2)A begger.
As the mendicant stood by the freeway exit, people began to feel sorry for him and give him money, yet he was truly just lazy.
Having total knowledge; knowing everything: an omniscient deity; the omniscient narrator.
When your kids are born, you should use the idea that Santa Clause is omniscient so they would behave, knowing they would not receive presents if they were bad.
(1)A person having a speaking, reading, or writing knowledge of several languages.
(2)A book, especially a Bible, containing several versions of the same text in different languages.
(3)A mixture or confusion of languages.
Being a polyglot looks great for college, just try to keep it all in one language.
RAZE: (n)
To demolish.
After the demolision crew arrived to raze the old school building we all knew they were demolishing a piece of history in our little town.
(1)To throw off sparks; flash.
(2)To sparkle or shine. See Synonyms at flash.
(3)To be animated and brilliant: dinner conversation that scintillated.
After she had gone out with her boyfriend she seemed to be scintillated, as if to be glowing with joy.
To feed or supply to fullness; to excess
During World War II there was one thing the Soviet Uninon had that no other nation did; they surfeited in men, for by the end of the war one American died to every Soviet.
(1) something impossible to attend or maintain. (2)unconquerable.
The kindergarden class was just untenable for the one teacher to handle, she couldn't stop them from fooling around.