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Auxiliary (adj.)
1) Giving assistance or support
Auxiliary (n.)
1) A helper, aid
Candid (adj.)
1) Frank, sincere
2) Impartial
3) Unposed
Cubicle (n.)
1) A small room or compartment
Drudgery (n.)
1) Work that is hard and tiresome
Envoy (n.)
1) A representative or messenger (as of a government)
Escalate (v.)
1) To elevate
2) To increase in intensity
Expedient (n.)
1) A means to an end
Expedient (adj.)
1) Advantageous, useful
Feign (v.)
1) To pretend
Flair (n.)
1) A natural quality, talent, or skill
2) A distinctive style
Grievous (adj.)
1) Causing sorrow or pain
2) Serious
Heterogeneous (adj.)
1) Composed of different kinds, diverse
Horde (b.)
1) A vast number (as in people)
2) A throng
Impel (v.)
1) To force, drive forward
Incredulous (adj.)
1) Disbelieving, skeptical
Inscribe (v.)
1) To write or engrave
2) To enter a name on a list
Monologue (n.)
1) A speech by one actor
2) A long talk by one person
Prognosis (n.)
1) The forcastof the probable course and outcome of a disease or situation
Rasping (adj.)
1) With a harsh, grating sound
Rasping (n.)
1) A harsh sound
Repugnant (adj.)
1) Offensive, disagreeable, distasteful
Scuttle (v.)
1) To sink a ship by cutting holes in it
2) To get rid of something in a decisive way
3) To run hastily, scurry
Scuttle (n.)
1) A pail