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Annex (v.)
1) To add to, attach
2) To incorporate
Annex (n.)
1) An attachment or addition
Cleave (v.)
1) To cut or split open
2) To cling to
Cordial (adj.)
1) In a friendly manner, hearty
2) Cheery
Cordial (n.)
1) A liquer
1) The starting point of a building
2) A fundamental principle or element
Debacle (n.)
1) An overwhelming defeat, rout
2) A complete collapse or failure
Devitalize (v.)
1) To make weak or lifeless
Embroil (v.)
1) To involve in a conflict or difficulty
2) To thrown into confusion
Exonerate (v.)
1) To clear from a charge or accusation
Glib (adj.)
1) Ready and fluent in speech
2) Thoughtless, insecure
Haphazard (adj.)
1) By chance, not planned
2) Lacking in order
Improvise (v.)
1) To compose of perform without preparation
2) To construct from available materials
Incite (v.)
1) To rouse, stir up, urge on
Influx (n.)
1) A coming in, inflow
Pallor (n.)
1) An extreme or unnatural paleness
Pedigree (n.)
1) A list of ancestors, family tree
2) The history or origin of something
Precipitous (adj.)
1) Very steep
Profuse (adj.)
1) Very abundant
2) Giving or flowing easily
Reconcile (v.)
1) To restore to friendship
2) To settle
3) To resign (oneself)
Shackle (v.)
1) To put to chains
Shackle (n.)
1) A chain, fetter
Threadbare (adj.)
1) Shabby, old and worn