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Admonish (V.)
1) To caution or advice against something
2) To scold mildly
3) To remind of a duty
Breach (N.)
1) an opening, gap
2) a violation or infraction
Breach (V.)
1) To create an opening, break through
Brigand (N.)
1) A bandit
Circumspect (adj.)
1) careful, cautious
Commandeer (v.)
1) To seize for military or official use
Cumbersome (adj.)
1) clumsy, hard to handle
2) slow-moving
Deadlock (n.)
1) a complete standstill
Deadlock (v.)
1) To bring to a standstill
Debris (n.)
1) Scattered fragments, wreckage
Diffuse (v.)
1) to spread or scatter freely or widely
Diffuse (adj.)
1) Wordy, long-winded, or unfocused
2) Scattered or widely spread
Dilemma (n.)
1) a difficult or perplexing situation or problem
Efface (v.)
1) To wipe out
2) To keep one's self from being noticed
Muddle (v.)
1) to make a mess of
2) muddle through
3) to get by
Muddle (n.)
1) a hopeless mess
Opinionated (adj.)
1) stubborn and often unreasonable in holding to one's own ideas, having a closed mind
Perennial (adj.)
1) Lasting for a long time, persistant
Perennial (n.)
1) a plant that lives for many years
1) to incline to beforehand
Relinquish (v.)
1) to let go, give up
Salvage (v.)
1) To save from fire or shipwreck
Salvage (n.)
1) Property thus saved
Spasmodic (adj.)
1) sudden and violent, but brief
2) fitful, intermittent
Spurious (adj.)
1) not genuine, not true, not valid
Unbridled (adj.)
1) Uncontrolled, lacking in restraint