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rising action
events which lead up to the turning point
lang. which appeals to the scencery
ominisent narrator
all knowing
a preface of the introduction frequently written by the author and delivered by one of the chief actors.
the moment marking the hero's tragic failure, often marked by death; the final unraveling or unknotting of the play, or the tragic denouement.
exciting force
the force which starts the conflict and sets in motion the rising action of the action.
comic relief
a humorous scene which provides relief from emotional intensity
the final unraveling of the plot; the solution of the mystery.
a speech delivered by a character while alone on stage which expresses his or her thoughts.
drama which gives the audience an experience of figurative cleansing or release of emotion as the central character meets an unhappy or disastrous end.
a literary art form which re-creates human life and emotions. the story is delivered to an audience through dialogue and actions within a framework of sequential events.
dramatic irony
occurs when a character;s words or acts carry a larger meaning which he does not perceive; the audience however, understands more of the character's situations.
the creation of images and a personality of imaging personss so credible that they exist for the reader as well within the limits of the play.
a play on words to suggest two or more meanings based on the similarity of sound between 2 words with different meanings.
the bringing together of two contradictory terms to makes sharp emphasis. Ex: "wise fool: or "sad joy".