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envelop (5) [enveloped] - v - to enclose or encase completely
The fog enveloped the city so we couldn’t see a thing.
grapple (7) [grappled] - v - to struggle as if in wrestling
When my brother and I argued over which channel to watch, we grappled over the
TV remote and ended up breaking it.
dejected (10) [dejectedly] - adj - being in low spirits (after expecting positive
I was dejected after the Red Sox lost to the Yankees because they haven’t won a
World Series since 1918.
coarse (24) - adj - vulgar or indecent
The man’s course language cause the mother to gasp and quickly cover her
child’s ears so that he wouldn’t be scarred for life.
ignorant (59) - adj - lacking education or knowledge
The man was obviously ignorant about the game of ice hockey because he asked
us what inning it was.
grotesque (66) - adj - distorted and unnatural in shape or size
The pumpkin had grown to such a grotesque size that it looked more like a
giant alien seed pod.
diabolic (25) - [adj] extremely evil or cruel
The boy had a diabolic plan to push over the old lady and steal her purse.
gullible (48) - [adj] easily persuaded to believe something
She was so gullible that I had her believing that Aliens controlled the movement of the sun.
malevolent (71) - [adj] wishing evil to others
The malevolent old man kept setting traps for the kids who tried to take a short-cut
through his property.
skeptical (75) - [adj] not easily convinced, doubting, questioning
I was skeptical when my friend tried to convince me that he had won the lottery last year, because he hadn’t bought anything new recently.
flail (82) [flailed] - [v] to swing one’s limbs wildly
As I dangled from the cliff by my fingertips, I flailed my legs to try and get a toe-hold.
careen (130) [careening] - (v) to lurch or swerve while in motion
The pinball careened off of the bumpers so quickly that I had no time to react and quickly
lost the game.
I saw the car careen off of the road as the driver tried to avoid hitting the puppy that had scampered into its path.
besiege (148) [besieging] - (v) to harass with repeated requests
When Santa arrived at the mall, he was besieged by little children all wanting to see him first.
pious (177) - (adj) having or exhibiting religious reverence Stewart is so pious that he won’t even let himself think about taking the Lord’s name in
vain, let alone saying it out loud.
The youth choir looked so pious in their robes as they sang during the Easter service.
mill (208) [milling] - (v) to move around aimlessly
After the fire, the residents of the apartment building were just milling around, not quite
sure where to go or who to turn to.
Once the Red Sox won the championship, the fans didn’t want to go home but didn’t know where else to go, so they just milled around the streets of Boston.
dissuade (226) - (v) to persuade someone not to do or believe something
I tried to dissuade my friend from putting tacks on the teacher’s chair by telling him he could get suspended.