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Define writhe
to twist in pain
Define introspective
Define profound
penetrating beyond what is superficial and obvious
Define tier
a row, level, or layer
Define lumber
to move heavily or clumsily
Define feign
to fabricate
Define scintillate
to sparkle or shine
Define serene
Define Wither
to dry up or shrivel from as if from lack of moisture

Define Encroach
to intrude or take over gradually
Define hoax
trick, deception
Define Injunction
temporary order or mandate
Define candid
honest, frank
Define purge
to purify
Define conundrum
a puzzling question, problem
Define Awry
crooked, askew, turned or twisted to one side
Define vice
an evil; bad habit
Define mellow
Define chagrin
embarrassment, disappointment due to failure
Define furtive
Define recommence
to restart; to begin anew
Define declasse
lacking high station or birth; of inferior social status
Define florid
Define dislocation
disruption or displacement
Define pompous
thinking highly of oneself; arrogant
Define Staccato
marked by or composed of abrupt, disconnected parts or sounds; cut short crisply
Define congenial
Define Sobriety
moderation in or abstinence from consumption of alcoholic liquor or drugs
Define embellish
to enhance
Define resplendent
splendid or dazzling in appearance; brilliant
Define askance
awry, askew
Define obliging
accommodating, helpful
Define vex
to annoy, bother
Define Improbable
Define singular
extraordinary, rare
Define stagnant
motionless, stale
Define circumscribe
to draw a line around; to encircle
Define abut
Define curt
using few words, brief
Define Venture
a risky undertaking
Define protrude
to stick out, to project, jut out
Define Gossamer
sheer, light, delicate, or tenuous
Define avail
to be helpful, to be of assistance
Define garish
gaudy or excessively bright
Define formidable
comparable, impressive
Define sovereign (adj)
chief, superior to all others,
Define intoxicate
1. To poison 2. To make drunk
Define Mystify
to confuse, make obscure or mysterious
Define lurid
gastly, repugnant
Define disheveled
disorderly, unkempt, untidy
Define ascertain
to make certain
Define aura
an emanation, or radiation
Define nominal
existent in name only
Define Tantalize
to excite by exposing something desirable while keeping it out of reach
Define repose
to rest
Define waver
to move unsteadily back and forth
Define entrust
to give in trust to
Define Engender
to bring into existence
Define desultory
occurring haphazardly; random
Define Impeccable
Impeccable: having no flaws; perfect
Define Medley
a mixture or combination of things not ordinarily associated with each other
Define imperil (verb)
to put into danger, endanger
Define prodigious
extraordinary, marvelous
Define Gaunt
thin and bony; angular
Define Insatiable
unable to satisfy, ravenous
Define rueful
inspiring pity
Define leer
to look with a sidelong glance
Define spent
depleted of energy, force, or strength; exhausted
Define promiscuous
casual, random, not limited by selection
Define jostle
to push, elbow; to struggle, to shake
Define Wont
custom, habit
Define Idyllic
simple and carefree
Define Vile
repulsive, repugnant
Define Menace (noun)
a possible danger
Define Portent
an omen
Define Ardent
expressing or characterized by warmth of feeling; passionate
Define Languor
lack of physical or mental energy
Define Preposterous
contrary to nature, reason or common sense; absurd or unreasonable
Define scuttle
to scamper, to scurry
Define reconnaissance (adj)
Define tempest
a furious storm
Define cluster
to gather or grow into bunches
Define Irradiate
to emit light
Define Multitudinous
very numerous
Define droning
characterized by buzzing or humming, monotonous
Define exhilarate
to invigorate, stimulate
Define effect (verb)
to bring about
Define dawdle
to waste time by loitering or trifling
Define Condolence
an expression or declaration of such sympathy; sympathy
Define surmount
to overcome
Define Acclaim
to praise, to exalt
Define pyre
a pile of combustibles
Define flounder
to move or act clumsily and in confusion
Define impenetrable
not able to be passed, impossible to penetrate
Define deleterious
having a painful effect; injurious
Define Snarl (verb)
1. To speak angrily or threateningly grieve or protest loudly
Define Succor
aid, help, assistance
Define Reciprocate
to show, feel, or give in response or return; to give mutually
Define hale
free from infirmity or illness; sound
Define harrow
to break up and level
Define Bludgeon
to beat, to strike, to buffet
Define Wail
to grieve or protest loudly or bitterly
Define niche
a cranny, hollow, or crevice, as in rock
Define rend
to tear violently
Define muddle
to confuse or befuddle
Define Earnest
marked by or showing deep sincerity or seriousness
Define Marauder
a plunderer, one who pillages
Define rustle
to move with soft, fluttering or crackling sound
Define siege
a persistent attack
Define Longevity
long duration or continuance (of life)
Define judicious
having or exhibiting sound judgement; prudent
Define Cackle (verb)
to laugh or talk in a shrill manner
Define Ominous
threatening, portentous
Define rasp
to make a harsh grating sound
Define suave
cosmopolitan, sophisticated
Define benison
a blessing
Define accost
to approach and speak to boldly or aggressively, as with a demand or request; to confront
Define portly
Define Reverberate
to resound in a succession of echoes; reecho
Define Discontent
Define obstinate
difficult to manage, control or subdue; stubborn
Define steadfast
constant, unswerving
Define maunder
to talk incoherently or aimlessly
Define perennial
1. lasting through the year or longer 2. recurring
Define Reluctant
unwilling, disinclined
Define splendor
magnificent appearance or display; grandeur
Define Gallant
chivalrous, polite, cavalier (particularly towards women)
Define rueful
inspiring pity or compassion
Define Implore
to appeal to in supplication; beseech
Define Riffle
to thumb through, to search through
Define Immolate
to kill by fire
Define Lurch
to roll or pitch suddenly or erratically
Define explicit
fully and clearly expressed; leaving nothing implied
Define leaden
Define meditative
persistently or morbidly thoughtful
Define apprehensive
fearful or anxious
Define fetter (noun)
something that serves to restrict; a restraint
Define scour
to search through or over thoroughly
Define gingerly
with great care or delicacy; cautiously
Define gorge
to stuff
Define sublime
inspiring awe; impressive
Define recount
to tell in detail, report, narrate
Define recess (noun)
1. a temporary period of ceasing 2. An indentation, hollow
Define contaminate
to pollute, infect, defile
Define crypt
an underground vault or chamber
Define metropolis
area of land surrounding a city
Define Dismay
regret, chagrin
Define tenacious
persistent, obstinate
Define Pine (verb)
to feel a lingering, often nostalgic desire
Define astute
having or showing shrewdness and discernment
Define Endeavor
a try, attempt, undertaking
Define Interlope
to intrude, to interfere
Define rubicund
red or ruddy in complexion
Define fretful
irritated or discontent
Define Unwitting
unintentional, unknowing
Define Loiter
to tary, hang around
Define virtuoso
a person with masterly skill or technique
Define Orb
a sphere or spherical object
Define Impunity
exemption from punishment, penalty, or harm
Define motley
having many colors; variegated
Define imperative
necessary or mandatory
Define Retribution
something justly deserved, recompense
Define tranquil
free from anxiety, tension, or restlessness
Define ruthless
having no compassion or pity; unmerciful
Define termination
the end or halt of something; outcome
Define Preclude
to make impossible, as by action taken in advance; prevent
Define subside
to sink to a lower or normal level; to diminish, lessen
Define placid
satisfied; complacent
Define Impertinent
Impertinent: bold, sassy, rude
Define sullen
gloomy; dismal
Define Ravenous
extremely hungry; starved
Define Pandemonium
Define Clatter
loud harsh noise, cacophony
Define virulent
Define aperture
an opening, such as a hole, gap, or slot
Define muffle
to make vague or obscure; to keep down or suppress
Define afflict
to inflict grievous physical or mental suffering on
Define ejaculate
to exclaim
Define Precipitous
extremely steep
Define Buffet
to strike, bludgeon
Define Spurn
to regret, to disapprove strongly
Define recoil
To spring back, as upon firing
Define imbibe
to drink