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Sir Bedivere
last of knights-Arthur told him to throw Excalibur back into the lake.
Arthur's wife
Morgan LeFay
sister of King Arthur-Sir Mordred's mom
King Leodegrance
Guinivere's father-gave Arthur the Round Table
the mother of Sir Galahad
Sir Galahad
son of Sir Lancelot-the perfect knight-saw the Holy Grail
Sir Lionel
trieds to defeat Sir Turquine and got captured-went on adventure with Arthur
Sir Lancelot
best knight-fought Sir Turquine and wom
Sir Mordred
treacherous nephew of King Arthur
Sir Kay
Wart's friend-pretends he took the sword out of the stone
Lady of the Lake
when Arthur was on an adventure, a hand reached out of a lake and gave Arthur his sword Excalibur. She also grabbed it back in when Sir Bedivere threw it back into the lake.
Sir Turquine
enemy of Round Table because Lancelot killed his brother
Wart's teacher as a young kid-magician/wizard
Sir Ector
Sir Kay's father and guardian of Wart
King Uther Pendgragon
Arthur's father who died
King Pellinore
king who announced the king's death to Wart, Ector, and Kay
King Arthur
King of England-used to be called Wart-sword was Excalibur-pulled sword out of stone-died in battle