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was born on April 23,1564
william shakespeare
born in
died April 23, 1564 in
he was one of
8 children
at stratford grammar school he learned___ and studied Ovid's retelling of Greek and Roman mythology
he married ___ in 1582
Anne Hathaway
they had 3 kids : ___ and twins__-
Susanna and twins Hamnet/Judith
___were not highly respected in Shakespeare's time: local officials even closed theaters so that clerks and apprentices would not waste time there, especially since plays were performed only in the daytime
officials also felt __-were spread there
theaters were closed during 1592-1594 during the years the ___ ravaged Europe
bubonic plague
In order to have support/protection of noblemen, many playwrights became part of theatrical groups. Shakespeare's group was called__
Lord Chamberlain's Men
Shakespeare's group later became- under the protection of King James
King's Men
Shakespeare is credited with writing- plays
Julius Caesar was probably written- based on writings of a Swiss visitor who wrote about the play
shakespeare is buried in- in stratford
holy trinity
the first elizabethan stages were
courtyard theaters
the 1st permanent theater, was called-
the theater
the theater was built by- the son of john burbage who acted most of the great tragic parts in shakespeare's plays
james burbage
when the rent went up, James's son cuthbert and others took the theater apart/rowed across the river/reconstructed the theater and named it-
the globe
the rear part of the stage was called-
the heavens
shakespeare did not use elaborate
until 1660 all actors were
as many as - people attended the plays
the text for Julius Caesar was taken from an ancient biographical text called-
the parallel lines
much power in caesar's day was in the hands of
caesar, pompey, who had married caesar's daughter by his first wife, and crassus founded- a 3 man govt
first triumverate
caesar roamed europe during the-
gallic wars
egypt is where caesar stayed for 9 months while bewitched by -
later after establishing cleo on the throne of egypt under his protection, caesar went to spain, where he defeated an army led by -
pompey's sons
caesar returned to rome and was declared-
he was dictator for- years
several senators feared caesar's growing popularity and made plans to assassinate him on -, the ides of march
march 15th