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"The Most Dangerous Game"
a story about Rainsford, who ends up on "Ship-Trap" Island to discover a hunter who has taken the love for it too far and hunts humans
"The Scarlet Ibis"
A story about Doodle, a disabled child fond for nature and his brother. The struggle that goes on between them, and what eventually kills Doodle
The Colomber
A story about a boy who sees the colomber in the sea while on his father's ship on his twelfth birthday. He is sent inland, until his father dies and he decides to confront his fears. It ends up that it was following him 2 give him the pearl of "life". He dies later.
"The Necklace"
Mme. Loisel believes she was created for higher and more respectable things. Borrows a necklace from her friend, loses it, works very hard 2 pay for a new one, wastes away, to find its a fake.
"Thank You Ma'am"
A boy tries to steal Luella Bates Washington Jones' purse and is taught a valuable lesson.
"Blues Ain't No Mockin Bird"
Two reporters invade on the lives of a poor family. The grand dad comes and gets them off the property. Kills to chicken hawks
"Harrison Bergeron"
A story about the future where everyone is made to be equal. Harrison is given the most impairments and tries to fight back, is later killed.
A girl in school is from South America and has never seen snow before. She looks out the window and sees snow, thinking it is a bomb and freaks out.