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A symbolic story that usually teaches a lesson.
Gothic Romance
Stresses majic, mystery, horror and superstition.
Breaks away from reality and establishes a world of its own through imagination.
Romantic Epic
Type of literature having a hero who performs brave deeds against great forces and odds who represents the best of his culture.
Awareness of the senses and feelings -- intuition.
Valuing simplicity, purity and the natural state of the most elemental man -- concept of "the noble savage"
Focus on Nature
Nature reflects the characters' feelings or is revered.
Glorifided memory of the past
Focus on the spiritual level beyond the concrete, material level.
Focus on the Unusual
Stories are often set in unusual times and places, or subjects.
Focus on the Individual
Every individual, even the common man, is important.
Intuition and Art is Intuitive
We can know things through ur intuition and feelings, not just reason, Art is the reslt of intuitive perception.
Characters are often totally focused on one goal or one idea to the exclusion of others and everything else.
In Hawthorne' stories, isolation is regarded as negative in breaking the bond with one's fellow man. Other Romantics regarded it as allowing the individual to think and sense the world around him/her.