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fifth Sythian step
enclose body in wax
ninth Sythian step
a year later, servants were strangled and 50 of the finest horses too
What was the first step of the Scythian mummy making process?
dug large, square grave.
eleventh Sythian step
placed strangled and mummified horses in galloping position in grave
sixth Sythian step
place body on wagon and carry through all tripes
twelth Sythian step
placed one strangled and mummified attendant of each gorse and put stake through
second Sythian step
opened the belly and cleanded insides
tenth Sythian step
large circular grave dug
third Sythian step
filled cavity with cypress, frandincence, and seeds
seventh Sythian step
every man cut off piece of his ear, cut hair short, made cut all around arm, made hole in forhead and nose, and drive arrow throgh left hand
fourth Sythian step
sew up opening
eighth Sythian step
body taken to grave and buried