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what was a work of William Bradford?
Of Plymouth Plantation
what did he do?
led the purtians to North America on the Mayflower and settled in Plymouth Massachussetts
what is the them of Plymouth Plantation?
faith overcomes adversity
what does William Bradford's works include?
allusions and imagery
What is the viewpoint of "OF Plymouth Plantation"?
simple, direct, Puritan plain style
WHat is the main idea of Of Plymouth Plantation?
an acccount of Pilgrim's voyage to the New World and the founding of the Plymouth plantation. SHows history of their struggle and undercored religious beliefs. Viewed the Puritan settlers as a new chosen people in a new land
What did Anne Bradstreet write?
"To My Dear and Loving Husband"
Who was Anne Bradstreet?
the first American woman writer to find a place for an individual's feelings within the context of Puritanism. She wrote the "Tenth Muse" a collection of her scholarly poems and her later poetry expressed her personal feelings about her family and colonial life
what is the theme of Anne Bradstreet's poem?
everlasting marital love
How is Anne Bradstreet's poem a lyric poem?
* it expresses her love for her husband
* expresses her religious faith and belief in the afterlife
* repition adds emphasis to the couple's unity
* the images are easy to comprehend because they are concrete
What is the rhyme scheme of "to my dear and loving husband" ?
couplet form
What is the viewpoint of "To My Dear and Loving Husband"?
faith in god, love and devotion for her husband
Who wrote Huswifery?
Edward Taylor
What are some facts about Edward Taylor?
* considered his poems private and did not want them published
* his poetry was not written in the Plain style of puritans
What was the theme of HUswifery?
religious fervor, physical and spiritual beauty
What was the style of Huswifery?
ornate style,complicated, elaborate, with metaphors and decorative language.
What did Johnathan Edwards write?
"Sinners at the Hands of An Angry God"
What were some facts about Johnathan Edwards?
* remembered as one ot the most powerful and persuasive Puritan preavhers of Colonial New England
* became the leader of the Great Awakening
Who was Sidney Lanier
a poet from 1842- 1881 who had a strong interest in the relationship between music
Who is The Song of CHattachoochee by?
Sidney Lanier
What is the synopsis of the Song of Chattachoobee?
The river plunges down the hills passing the beautiful, enticing trees and stones that try to hold it back. Duty calls the river down the plain where it will work to create more beauty before the flowing ocean.
What literary device does Sidney Lanier use in his poem?
personification of the river
Who is Paul Lawerence Dunbar?
the First Black American to support himself entirely by writing, he wrote "We Wear the Mask" in a formal elegant style
What is the theme of "sinners in the Hand of an Angry God"?
salvation, divine wrath, human fraility
What are the two works of Benjamin Franklin?
"Autobiography" and "Poor Richard's Almanack
What is the theme of Autobiography?
striving for self-improvement, political and personal liberty
What is the style of Autobiography?
direct and literal language to emphasize the seriousness of his desire for self improvement
What is the Enlightenment idea of Autobiography?
Franklin's list of virtues and precepts reflect the emphasis on order that was charcteristic of the age of reason
What is an aphorism?
a brief statement that expresses wise observations or general truths
How often did Ben Franklin publich his almanacs
once every 25 years
What is the main idea of "poor Richard's Almanack"?
this collection of wise sayings comments on human nature. They support virtues such as moderation, industry, prudence, and frugality
What is the theme of Poor Richard's Almanack?
self improvement, independence
What is the style of Poor Richard's Almanac?
witty, common sense, brilliantly terse style
What did Phyllis Wheatly write?
To His Excellency George Washington
What are some facts about Phyllis Wheatly?
she was an African American woman, she was known as prodigy, she was sold as a slave to the Wheatly's
What is the style of To His Excellency George Washington?
What si the rhyme of To His Excellency Georgy Washington?
heroic couplets; each pair of lines are rhymed and written in iambic pentameter
What is the literary devices in To his Excellency George Washington?
personification, symbol, allusions
What is the title of Abgail Adam's letter?
Letter to Her Daughter from the New White House
What is the theme of Letter to Her Daughter from the New White House?
adjustment to new surrondings
What is the Style of Letter to Her Daghter from the New White House?
uses descriptivedetails. Description emphasizes the cities isolation and unfinished state
What is the writer's attitude in Letter to her Daughter in the White House
it is often necessary to make inferences based on an author's writing in order to determine the author's attitude or feelings. Adams often communciates her attitude towards the New White House in her letter. She anticipates that in the future she will become more delighted with the city
What is the letter that Michel Jean de Crevecoeur wrote entitled?
Letter from an American Farmer
What is the Crevoeur the first to do?
compared America to a melting pot
What is the theme of Letter From an American Farmer?
progress and hope, diversity
tone of Letter from an American Farmer?
entusiastic, optimistic, and subjective
personification in Letter from an American Farmer?
compares america to Alma Mater in order to emphasize that America welcomes and nourishes immigrants
what is the style of Letter from an American farmer?
informal and intimate
What is the Enlightenment idea of Letter from an American Farmer?
belief in progress and hope. Stresses that Americans use their own power to shape destinies
What does home stand for in Swing Low, Sweet Chariot?
heaven, where slaves would be free
What does the Chorus in Swing Low, Sweet Chariot describe?
a chariot coming down and taking the singer home to heaven