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Photos (G)
Photograph (graph-write,draw)-picture drawn by light
Telephoto (tele-distant)-light from far away
Photometer (metron-measure)-a device which measures light
Phototropic (tropos-turn)- turning toward light
Photophilia (philia-love)- love of light
Photophobia (phobos-fear) - fear or dislike of light
Photosynthesis (syn-together, thesis-putting) - a process of putting things together by light
Graph (G)
to write or draw
Photograph(graph-write,draw)-picture drawn by light
Phonograph (phono-sound) - machine for writing (or recording) sound
Telegraph (tele-distant)-wriring from far away
Lithograph (lithos-stone) drawing made on a stone
Graphite - black carbon used for drawing or writing
Autograph - (autos-self) to write one's own name
Phonogram (phono-sound)-written symbol for a sound
Hologram (holos-complete)-a three-dimensional photograph of a whole object
Tele (G)
far away, distant
Television (video, visum (L)-see) -seeing distant things
Telephone (phone - sound) sound from far away
Telegraph (graph-write) writing from a distance
Telephoto (photo-light) light from far away
Telescope (skopeo-look at) device for looking at distant objects
Telepathy (pathos-feeling) knowing how someone far away is feeling
Telethon (Marathon - a battlefield in ancient Greece) a telephone fund raiser which runs on non-stop, as Pheidippides ran after the battle of Marathon.
Metron (G)
Meter - unit of measure - 39.47 inches long
Geometry (geo - earth) measurement of the earth
Optometry (opsis- sight) measure eyesight
Symmetry (sym- same, equal) measuring the same
Barometer (baros- weight, pressure) device to measure air pressure
Thermometer (thermos- heat) measure heat
Diameter (dia- through, across) measuring across
Centimeter (centum- hundred) one hundredth of a meter
Anemometer (anemos- wind) measures wind speed
Tropos (G)
Tropics - the area of the earth from the equator north to the Tropic of Cancer and south to the Tropic of Capricorn
Tropical - the climate of the earth in the tropics
Phototropic (photo- light) turning toward light as leaves and flowers do
Heliotrope (helios- sun) a flower named for its tendency to turn toward the sun
Tropophilous (philia- love) plants or trees which like a change or turning of seasons - hot & cold, wet & dry
Thermotropism (thermos- heat) turning toward heat (as cats do)
Philia (G)
Philosopher (sophia-wisdom)one who loves wisdom
Philadelphia (adelphos-brother) city of brotherly love
Philanthropist (anthropos-man)one who cares about his fellow man
Phillumenist (lumen-light) one who collects match covers
Philogynist (gyne-woman) one who loves women
Philologist (logos-word) one who loves words
Philtre-love potion
Anglophile (Angli-English) one who loves England
Francophile (Francus-France) one who loves France
phobos (G)
Phobia - irrational fear
Agoraphobia (agora-field) fear of open space
Claustrophobia (claustrum (L)-lock or bolt) fear of closed (locked or bolted) places
Hydrophobia (hydro-water) disease which makes it difficult to swallow, thought to be fear of water
Phobophobia - fear of fear itself
Zoophobia (zoon-animal) fear of animals
Toxikophobia (toxikos-poison) fear of poison
Phobos - a moon of the planet Mars
syn (G)
with, together
Sympathy (pathos-feeling) to feel with someone else
Symphony (phone-sound) sounds that go together
Synthesis (thesis-put,place) putting together
Synthetic-material made by putting chemicals together
Photosynthesis (photo-light) process by which light puts plant nutrients together to make green chlorophyll
Synonym (onoma-name) two words with the same meaning
Synagogue (ago-bring) place to bring people together
Synchronize (chronos-time) to do things at the same time "Synchronize your watches!"
thesis (G)
put, place, position
kinesis (G)
phone (G)
sonus (L)
skopeo (G)
look at, inspect, consider, examine
video, visum (L)
logos (G)
word, study
verbum (L)
nomen nominis (L)
pro (L)
for, before, forward, in place of
prae (L)
before, in front of
ad (L)
to, toward, near, next to