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meaning: star
words: astral, asteroid, astronaut
meaning: self
words: autograph
meaning: life
words: biography
meaning: time
words: chronic, chronological
meaning: universe, order
words: microcosm, cosmopolitan
meaning: hidden, secert
words: apocryphal, cryptographer
meaning: people
words: epidemic, democracy
meaning: through, across, between
words: diameter
meaning: opinion, teaching
words: dogmatic, orthodox
meaning: race, kind, origin, birth
words: generation
meaning: know
words: diagnostic
meaning: write
words: graphite, autobiography, telegram
meaning: speech, word, reasoning
words: logic, dialogue
meaning: break down
words: analysis
meaning: measure
words: metric, kilometer
meaning: small
words: microchip
meaning: form, shape
words: amorphous
meaning: salior
words: cosmonaut
meaning: sound, voice
words: phonics, telephone, phonograph
meaning: city, state
words: police, metropolis
meaning: watch, look at
words: microscopic, telescope
meaning: far off, distance
words: television
meaning: put or place
words: Parentheses