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What is a Theme?
a revalation about our lives, the message the author is trying to convey, THE BIG IDEA
What is an Idiom?
an expression that cannot be understood from the meaning of it seperate words
What is a Metaphor?
comparison between two insimilar objects * not using like or as*
What is personification?
giving an inanimate object , human characteristics
What is Conflict?
a struggle between opposing forces
internal- conflict that takes place in the characters mind
external- characters struggles against another person, group of people or a force of nature
What is a resolution?
the outcome of the conflict
what is an audience?
to whom the essay is directed
What is a workplace/ public Document?
supplies citizens with information that maybe of interest to them
What is mechanical/ electronic equipment?
comes with warranties, contracts, instructional manuals, and technical directions
What is lterary elements?
plot, theme, character, setting
what is Non- Fiction?
a true story consisting of facts and details
what is a biography?
a written history of a persons life
What is a hook?
lively, creative opener designed to grab the readers attention
What is a call to action?
end of a persuasive essay to shift reader to your point of veiw
What is a character?
a person or animal in a novel or short story