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What is an example of personification in A Separate Peace?
Moaning Trees
Who was the essence of a careless peace?
Did John Knowles call sports the absolute good?
What was the prevailing color?
olive green
How were Finny and Gene even?
Finny was good at sports and Gene was good at academics
What did the tree symbolize
competitive nature amongst the boys
what was the new commandment Finny created
He said to not accuse a friend of something if you only had a feeling he did it
Did peace desert Devon
What is an example of a simile in a Separate Peace
Gene said, "I welcomed each new day as a new life, until now"
What does white symbolize
goodness, innocence, peace
What does the dialogue show about the attitudes in the two households?
Even the servents were ready to fight
What are the attitudes of the characters towards the law?
In spite of their bragging, they still don't want to get in trouble with the law
It takes the Montagues servants time to speak. How might their actions show that these four servantsare very of one another?
The montagues respond with question
THe capulets respond indirectly
How did Gregory's behavior change when he spots Tybalt in the distance>
He tells Sampson to issue a real insult to Abram on how Lord Capulet is a better man than Lord Montague
What images compare Paris to a fine book?
a golden story, fall volume, a book of love, and an unbound lover
What is Lord Capulet's plan?
To marry Paris and Juliet on Thursday
What effect could Capulet's plan have on Romeo and Juliet?
They are going to end their lives sooner rather than later
Summarize 17-25
Romeo is ready to take his own life, he feels that if Juliet and him can't be together than death
Give 3 ex that show anger of Juliet's Parents
-Lord Capulet is beyond rational thought
-Lord Capulet has threatened to disown Juliet
-calls her a green sickness
Summarize 43-47
Juliet wouldn't mind laying in a coffin
A tragedy is defined as
A presentation of serious and important actions that end unhappily
A tragic hero is usually
a noble character who has a personal failing that leads to his or her own downfall
A speech by a character speaking to himself or to the audience is called
What do lines 9-12 reveal
ONly the death of romeo and juliet result in the the two families to stop feuding
What do lines 5,6 from the prologue reveal
through their death the families feud finally ends
Rome sys that he is out of favor, wher I am in love this this translates..
he loves but she doesn't love him
The imagry used by Lady Capulet compares Paris to what?
A book
Apart or Mercutio's speech about Queen Mab is an example of what?
a monologue
The selection when Queen Mab visits a person, the persons dreams are about?
what he or she secretly desires
In act 1 scene 4 romeo says, "I dreampt a dream tonight" he reveals that?
he forshadows his own death
Angry that romeo has attended the party Tybalt says "I will withdraw with a swee tand bitter intrusion" this foreshadows
Tybalts conflict with Romeo
When Friar Laurence says to Romeo "Young Man's love then lies not truly in their herarts but in their eyes"
Roemeos feelings of love are superficial
What is The Oddysey about
Odysseus trying to get home fromt the Trojan war
What is the theme in the Odyssey
Odysseus and his family searching for their proper places in life
Where is Odysseus hometown
What happened to the men who ate the Lotus
They forgot where they were going
The blinding of the cyclops is compared to what?
white hot axhead into a cold tub of water
"when dawn spread out her fingertibps of rose" this is an example of what
What did Teiresias warn Odysseus
He warned that he and his men should stay away from Helios cattle
Who is persephone
Queen of the underworld
Who is Odysseus refering to when he uses the term sobern death
Who is one ofhte phantom's Odysseus most keeps away from the Lamb's blood>
Do Odysseus' men listen to Teiresias or deos Teiresias prophecy come true
The men ignor the warning and slaughter the cattle, the prophecey comes true
Who is Calypso
mistress of the isle
odysseus is kept captive under Calypso
What is Pylos
Home of Nestor, one of Odysseus fellow soldiers int eh Trojan war
What does Telemahcus' response to Odysseus transformation suggest about the relationship between the gods and the greeks
it says that the gods don't normally appear to mortals unless they are going to get punished
the ancient greeks feared the gods they felt they needed to shower them with gifts
What epithet is used for Odysseus here?
But the men skilled ina ll ways of contending
How many auditory images do we read
-overhead one loud crack for a sign
-twanging bow
-to thud with heary brazen head
What makes the description of Antinous' death expecially powerful?
In spite fo the drinking, he wasn't strong
What does Homer mean when he says the suitors imagined as they wished?
He means that their intial response to Antinous is deial
What does Eurymachus' speech reveal about his character?
he is quick thinking, clever, and wily
How does Odysseus treat the swineheard and Eumaeus?
He treats both well and with respect
Explain what "arriving in Ithaca" means
a state of mind in which one appreciate sall that life has to offer
What is a subordinate character
One who plays a secondary role in a story
What is a homeric or epic similie?
A acomparrison of heroic or epic events to help us understand everyday events, might be lengthy
What is personification
Gives human charactaristics to non human things
What is alliteration
the reiteration of the same sound
What is onomatopeia
word or group of words that imitate a sound
What is ryme
Repetition of accented vowel sounds
What is a rhyme scheme
the pattern of end rhymes in a poem
Who was Eumaeus
swineherde, one of Odysseus's loyal servants
Who was Telemechus
Odysseus's son
to dig from beneath, tow wear away and weaken the supports of, to weaken or injure, especially by guileful means
the spirit of good will, loyalty, and understanding among friends, good fellowship
to inform, to notify, to give notice to
the act of making an accusation in return, a counteraccusation
leaving out nothing, thourough, comprehensive
extreme wickedness, outrageousness, vastness
high spirits, a feeling of exaltation due to relief or triumph
stern, strict, severe in appearance or manner, plain or simple
1 or 2 related things, especially if one implies the other, to bring mutual relation with another
to confer or present as a gift or an honor to apply or dedicate for a purpose