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All dates leading up to her mothers death from the day she was born... It's all dates that start off the paragraphs
How To Talk To Your Mother By Lorrie Moore
Describes a doctor's thoughts and emotions as he tries to diagnose the ailment of an uncooperative child. He got angry when the little girl didn't want to open her mouth. He "USED FORCE" to open her mouth up because he was trying to save her life and she was being stubborn.
The Use of Force By William Carlos Williams
It's written in definition from a dictionary form...
Brief Interview with Hideous Men By David Foster Wallace
There was a time when…. We were all dangerous characters then… we were 19 we were bad.
Greasy Lake by T.Coraghessan Boyle
I was going to ring its neck… Basketball coach… and she babysat for basketball coaches little kid and it died and the wife was getting beat up by the basketball coach
People who loves somebody but it turns into hatred.
Sorrows of the Flesh By Isabel Huggan
The “Bitch” meanwhile….
Beauty Treatment By Stacy Richter
Kids throwing rocks at people and stoning them to death.
Lottery By Shirley Jackson
She’s just a sex object….
Do I remember… the voices of men…eyeliner.
East on Houston By Emily Carter
I stand there in the kitchen which smells like sour milk… my girlfriend is in love with a Neanderthal’s man…
The Caveman in the Hedges By Stacey Richter
Those were some serious hooters…. And wow they would be happy together.
The Barbers Unhappiness By George Suander
My sweet little blue eyed girl… nothing to do with her brown eyes Connie. Music can psychologically separate you from your parents.
Where Are You Going Where Have You Been By Joyce Carol Oates
For Maryann Bell, it seemed that Vietnam… some soliders were thrilled by the war.
Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong By Tim O’Brien
You could make derrick say if your dogs names Queeny.
I CAN SPEAK by George Saunders
The birthday boy did not talk anymore… Stripped out all emotional responses from the story…Empty and frustrated when people don’t show their emotions.
The Bath By Raymond Carter
How do you tell the difference between the Bath and A Small Good Thing?? Baker Saying something explaining midlife crisis of loneliness.
A Small Good Thing By Raymond Carver
He thinks of her small white vein hands. Doc played basketball blind..
Doc’s Story By John Edgar Wideman
First try to be something anything else, a movie star teacher, 15 write long…
How to Become A Writer By Lorrie Moore
AS through a helix a through here a dream flashes… She knows it when you try to talk to her.. Narrators quest to reconnect with her mother.
How to Talk To Your Mother Notes By Lorrie Moore
The damned little brat must be protected… others must be protected against her. Longing for muscular release..The little girl has typitheria the doctor is confession that he’s forcing the spatula down her throat. He’s confessing something dark…
The Use Of Force By William Carlos Williams..
Pretend, Shit Girl, most girls think Elvis is alive…
Brief Interviews with Hideous Men By The Late Great David Foster Wallace
On his last human day he said Annie, Don’t you see…Like us Annie we think far too much.
The Rememberer By Amy Bender
I’d rather get punched in the arm every day then take drugs that don’t get me high.
Parachute Silk By Emily Carter
But for now Anders… time for the teathered dog to chase after the ball… Goated Bank Robbers into shooting him.. Not one thing stood out to him it was just one beautiful moment.
Bullet in the Brain By Tobias Wolff
The Mother is not a shopper she hates to shop generally bad at it… a doubter… she must assemble from scratch…
People Like That are the Only People Here: Canonical Babbling in Peed Onk BY Lorrie Moore
Helen looked out the window.
The School By Donald Barthelme.
One of the fairies is missing it’s mouth… It is burned off… be quiet about sexual abuse.
Quiet Please by Amy Bender
I must not only punish but punish…
Casco By Edgar Allen Poe
Congrats on mothers birthday…
Bloodbay By Any Proulx
Dreams moist busy distant.. rush and a gush… jolt feeling.
Forever Overhead by David Foster Wallace
I am a different breed from the rest… Those who turn to religion aren’t that good because they just turn to religion…
A Good Man is Hard To Find By Flannery O’Connor
The physical burdens that they carry with them…. ”They carried the –
The Things They Carried By Tim Obrien
I felt weak small and failed, also exilerated…
In the Cemetary Where Al Jolson Is Buried - Amy Hempel
So what have you been doing… F-U-C-K.. how’s business..
Convention By Robert Coover
Tried to confront a non emotional girl..
Secretary By Mary Gaitskill
Gabriel Marques
For the beauty of chandlers.. I tell them I will never leave home.. …Detroit…
Joyce Carol Oates
Omelas is a utopian city of happiness and delight, whose inhabitants are smart and cultured. Everything about Omelas is pleasing, except for the secret of the city: the good fortune of Omelas requires that an unfortunate child be kept in filth, darkness and misery, and that all her citizens know of this on coming of age. "The place they go towards is a place even less imaginable to us than the city of happiness. I cannot describe it at all. It is possible it does not exist. But they seem to know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas."
The Ones That Walk Away From Ohmela- Ursala Leguid
There comes johns sister.. I must not have her find me writing... Yellow Wallpaper
The Yellow Wall-Paper
By Charlotte Perkins Stetson
Connie and a creepy man who wants her...
Where are you going, Where have you been? Joyce Carol Oates
Montresor tells the story of the night that he took his revenge on Fortunato, a fellow nobleman. Angry over some unspecified insult, he plots to murder his friend during Carnival when the man is drunk, dizzy, and wearing a jester's motley.
The Cask Of Amontillado By Edgar Allan Poe
The trees the salamander the tropical fish... I opened the door and a new gerbil walked in. The children cheered wildly.
The School By Donald Barthelme
Ben died and Annie misses him a lot that she has dreams about him and her.
The Rememberer By Aimee Bender
In the library and it'll be talking about a Librarian.
Quiet Please By Aimee Bender
The "Greasy Lake" characters, Digby, whose parents paid his tuition to Cornell; Jeff, who had a dangerous personality; and the "wanna-be bad" narrator relish their "Bad Boy" image. T. C. Boyle describes their "Bad Boy" behavior: “we wore torn-up leather jackets, slouched around with toothpicks in our mouths, sniffed glue and ether [...]." [13] The lake, much like the character's foolish desires, has turned into a lagoon of refuse with broken bottles lining its banks. T.C. Boyle’s reference to war is as vivid as the lake, “so stripped of vegetation it looked as if the Air Force had strafed it.” [14] The mention of General Westmoreland’s tactical errors in Khe Sahn equates to the main character's disastrous misguided offense of losing his car keys. A moral dilemma occurs but is not directly exposed, since the characters desire a “Bad Boy” image, T.C. Boyle writes: "There was a time when courtesy and winning ways went out of style, when it was good to be bad [...]." [15] However, an epiphany is reached when the "Bad Boys" realize that what they desire is not always a good thing.
Greasy Lake By T. Coraghessan Boyle
"Excuse me Miss, can I walk with you? Those are some fine young thighs you're sliding along on there."
East On Houston By Emily Carter
Matthew went to Sex Addicts Anonymous on Tuesday nights.
Parachute Silk By Emily Carter
About someone on the phone... Calling and creeping on a family who's son is in the Hospital. Scotty....
The Bath By Raymond Caver
About a secretary that has insecurities and her boss see those insecurities and takes advantage of her
Secretary By Mary Gaitskill
Al Jolson is buried in the cemetery where the dying girl will be buried; his blackface mask may symbolize the "show" that everyone, including the doctors, is putting on. Underneath the banter, underneath the surgical masks, is grief laden with fear. The narrator, who has a history of fearfulness (of flying, of earthquakes) fears her friend’s death, but also fears that she will die by exposure to it. The dying friend, who has always been fearless, is afraid to die alone.
In The Cemetery Where Al Jolson Is Buried By Amy Hempel
Elizabeth bought a bunny rabbit and her father and mother made sure that it stayed outside... she wanted to strangle the bunny rabbit though because she didn't know how LOVE worked...
Sorrows Of The Flesh By Isabel Huggan
"Everyone's so friendly here. Is there someone in this place who isn't doing all this airy, scripted optimism--or are people like that the only people here?"
People Like That Are The Only People Here: Canonical Babbling In Peed Onk By Lorrie Moore
Half-Skinned Steer is about a man in his eighties, Mero, who struggles with his past when he is forced to revisit his childhood home in Wyoming after his brother passes away.
The Half-Skinned Steer By Annie Proulx
About two cowboys and a pair of really great quality boots. And they are frozen to the mans foot so the guy decides to saw the mans foot off so he can wear the boots and the people at the house thought it was the horse
The Blood Bay By Annie Proulx